The 10 top scorers in the history of Athletic Bilbao

The 10 top scorers in the history of Athletic Bilbao
Zarra, the best head in Europe after Churchill.

Who are the top scorers in the history of Athletic Bilbao? Football sauce is always the goal. There is nothing better than to kick the ball and watch as you enter and kisses network, hear the roar of the crowd when this circumstance occurs, etc. For all this, and much more, a goal is unique. Even though, This fact significantly multiplied when you wear the shirt and play on the lawn of the stadiums of mythical teams like Athletic Bilbao and its glorious San Mames.

Few can boast of having been the top scorer, gunner, the "killer" of Bilbao set ever. Then, Here is a list of 10 men who do have such a fortune:

1. Telmo Zarra: 336 goals between 1940 Y 1955.
2. Dani Ruiz-Bazán: 199 goals between 1974 Y 1986.
3. Eneko Arieta: 170 goals between 1951 Y 1966.
4. José Luis Panizo: 163 goals between 1938 Y 1955.
5. Piru Gaínza: 149 goals between 1939 Y 1959.
6. Guillermo Gorostiza: 148 goals between 1929 Y 1940.
7. young: 141 goals between 1929 Y 1936.
8. Jose Luis Arteche: 133 goals between 1950 Y 1965.
9. Ismael Urzaiz: 129 goals between 1996 Y 2007.
10. Aritz Aduriz: 121 goals between the season 2002/2003, the years between 2006 Y 2008, and from 2012 onwards.

These records scorers only consider to campaign 2015/2016, since Aduriz still militates in the club and can further expand registration.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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