85 things you should know of 85 year history of the league (II)

85 things you should know of 85 year history of the league (II)

85 years of history go a long way and therefore, in Colgados for football, we continue with our summary of the best data and performances that have occurred in such a long period of time:

44- 757 are the matches coached by Luis Aragonés. Jabo Irureta is the second most, with 614.

45- Iturralde Gonzalez referee 279 games being the referee who has whistled the most times. Mejuto Gónzalez is the second most.

46- One hundred points is the scoring record achieved in the League, Real Madrid have it in the campaign 2011-2012 and Barcelona in the session 2012-13.

47- Thirty-two is the record for wins in a season. Real Madrid has it in 2011-2012 and Barcelona in the campaign 2012-13.

48-the Royal Society was 38 games without losing consecutively at the end of the years 70 and early 80. is the record.

49- The best league start is from Real Madrid, who won nine games in a row 1968-69.

50- Nine consecutive games Burgos threw himself tying.

51- The longest losing streak is from Las Palmas, that lost 11 in one go 1959.

52- Of course Sporting de Gijón came to throw themselves 24 games without scoring a victory in the late 90.

53- Atletico Madrid was unbeaten for 13 parties in the campaign 1990-91.

54- Up to eight games without scoring a goal came Sabadell and Castellón.

55- The team with the fewest goals in a league was Real Madrid, that fit 15 goals this season 1931-32.

56- The team with the most goals was Lleida, which received 134 Campaign goals 1950-51.

57- 64 league games in a row scoring was the FC Barcelona of the day 22 of the 2011-2012 until the day 8 of the 2013-2014.

58- Barcelona was the winter champion with the most points, 55. He won the League.

59- Logroñés finished the season 1994-95 with 15 goals. It relegated.

60- Barcelona scored 114 goals this season 2011-12 and did not win the title.

61- 56 Barcelona conceded goals in the session 1997-98 and still won the league.

62- Fifteen points is the biggest advantage between a champion and the second. It was Barcelona and Real Madrid, last year.

63- Miguel Muñoz is the coach with the most leagues conquered. Total, were 9.

64- Paco Gento won a total of 12 player leagues.

65- Real Madrid is the team that has won the most Leagues consecutively. Three times he managed to chain up to five.

66- Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic are the only teams that have played all the editions.

67- In 1974 it was authorized that two foreigners could play by team.

68- The two most controversial transfers in history were that of Alfredo Di Stéfano and Luis Figo. Real Madrid and Barcelona ended in anger.

The most controversial signing of the League. Di Stéfano's in the years 50.
The most controversial signing of the League. Di Stéfano's in the years 50.

69- In the season 1986/87 was tested, unsuccessfully, the play-off system. Once the regular league is over, was divided at the time 18 participating clubs in three groups of six teams. For this reason, that campaign was the longest in history, with 44 journeys (34 of League and 10 de play-off). Only one team was relegated and three were promoted., so the following year the League of 20 teams, identical to the current one.

70- In the summer of 1995 the LFP decided to exclude from its competitions for the season 1995/96 al R. C. Celta de Vigo and Sevilla F. C. (relegating them, that way, the Second Division B) for different defects in the documentation of your registration, the day after the deadline for delivery. Simultaneously, Real Valladolid C.. F. and Albacete Balompie, two teams relegated to the Second Division at the conclusion of the previous championship, they were invited by the LFP to occupy the places of Celta and Sevilla, hurrying to formalize your registration. The result was a League of 22.

71- The oldest stadium in Spain is El Molinón, opened in 1908 and used by Sporting de Gijón. On the other hand, the old San Mamés was the only stadium that hosted all the editions of the first division, until it was shot down 2013.

72- Aside from the 25 registered professional footballers, clubs can field unlimited players from their affiliate and lower categories if they are under twenty-three years of age and do not have a professional license.

73- The Second Division is disputed from 1929.

74- The Second B was introduced in 1977 as an intermediate category between the Second and Third Division. Its organization depends on the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Levante is the team that has won it the most times with five.

75- Athletic Club is the only team that does not sign players from outside its academy or Euskadi, within its policy of playing only with players born or trained in football in the Basque Country, and the so-called Basque provinces.

76- Atlético Tangier is the only Moroccan team that has played in the League.

77- In the season 2003-04 the coach of Racing de Santander, Lucas Alcaraz, lined up in the field, during two minutes, to four non-community nationals at the same time in the match played against Osasuna on 14 from December to 2003.7 This action earned Racing the loss of the point obtained in that match and an economic sanction., in addition to a suspension to the coach. Something similar happened to Valdano, precisely, in Santander.

78-Leo Messi has 224 goals and is the active player with the most goals. are you 27 from Zarra's record.

79- David Villa has 183 goals and Cristiano Ronaldo 168.

80- The team with the most victories in the league is Real Madrid with 1533. In one season he accumulated 16 at home.

81- Barcelona came to chain 32 home wins in a row.

82- Xabi Aguado came to see 18 red cards on your career. Pablo Alfaro also reached that figure and if they add 9 in Second they make a total of 27.

83- Andoni Zubizarreta is the goalkeeper who has kept 0 his goal.

84- Iker Casillas is the active goalkeeper with the most matches. A total of 476.

85- The Hercules of Alicante jumped 73 consecutive games without a win away from home in the First Division.

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