African footballers who landed in Argentine football

African footballers who landed in Argentine football
Afolabi Okiki did not have a successful career in Argentine soccer. PHOTO:

What African footballers played in Argentine soccer? Yes there are 2 quite antagonistic continents these are Africa and South America. And if there is something that seems strange, is that an African footballer ends up playing in a tournament like the Argentine. But curiously there have been many cases. We will remind some.

African soccer players who played in Argentine soccer

Afolabi Okiki

A young man from 22 years at the time of his arrival that was proclaimed as the top scorer in the league in his country by the hand of Sunshine Stars last season. Their 13 goals served as endorsement to take the airlift and land in one of the countries where football is more than a sport, it `s a religion. Argentina, and more specifically the Talleres de Córdoba. He did not have a long or successful step for the club.

Harold James Henman

Although he born in England, I grew up on South African soil and was the first African to play in Argentina back in the early twentieth century in the Alumni.

Antonio Custodio Méndes

Custodio played in several Argentine teams, including Temperley, in the early 80, in addition to prolonging his career in neighboring leagues such as Chile and Venezuela.

David Efford Chabala

In the season 1991/1992, Zambezian keeper comprised of Argentine, but unfortunately his career was short because of his tragic death took place when crashing the plane he was traveling with other team-mates.

Alphonse Tchami

He forward who was part of a legendary club like Boca Juniors from 1995 until 1997, and with which he got to dispute a total of 48 games where the goal could be achieved 11 from them.

African footballers who played in Argentine soccer
Tchami with Boca in 90. It was one of the African players who most excelled in Argentina. PHOTO: Clarion

Theophilus Khumalo

Dubbed as "The Doctor", South Africa Ferrocarril Oeste played during the season 1994/1995. He will always be remembered for his goal, the only, by the way, Independiente.

Nii Lamptey

The U-17 World conquered Ghana opened the doors of European football and, later, Argentine. In 1997 Union came to Santa Fe, where he did not have a leading role.

Ernest Mtawalli

Newell's arrival in 1995 raised great expectations, as it was assumed as a player of enormous potential, if only he stayed in that, a great potential, and I had to quickly pack.

African footballers who played in Argentine soccer
Newell's en los con Mtawalli 90. PHOTO: Infobae

As previously quoted, These are just a few examples, to which we can add names like you Mimbo, William Etchu Tabi, Felix Orode, Cyrille Bella, Joseph M’Barga, Ibrahim Sekagya, etc.

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