Argentina to the brink of disaster in Russia 2018

Argentina to the brink of disaster in Russia 2018
Messi's Argentina is on the brink of KO after losing to Croatia. Photo: ELTIEMPO.COM

Another stick more and are now few who is suffering from Argentina whose greatness every day is being further. Or stage they say is the best player in the world, even to many of history, the abiceleste seems to lift his head and behind the stick of Croatia (0-3), They are on the brink of KO in the World Cup being played in Russia.

A team without an identity, poorly managed and with few or no players understand that they can wear a shirt with so much weight, history and grandeur as the albiceleste. A team that instead of being built to play for one of a kind as Leo Messi, seems made to sink the Argentine star to his own countrymen are determined to blame all the ills. As if he were to blame for that surround mediocre.

Few remember that Messi could have played with Spain country has almost lived more years than in Argentina. They forget that if the 10 Argentine who has dual nationality, Spain had chosen, I had gotten a World Cup, two European Championships and who knows if something else and legend, it had lengthened more so. But the team chose to defend the country where he was born, where only know that chest cold call, but play with 10 sticks as occurs.

A selection with a potential that could give much more than talking but still carrying players who are no longer just to play in a major competition and others who directly do not have anywhere near the level to go to the albiceleste. Disaster planning can eliminate outside Russia Argentina 2018 Messi and turning to go empty for the fourth consecutive World Cup and who knows if not for the last time. Argentines only remains to believe in the miracle.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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