Cesarini Zone in the League: Valencia is the one that moves the best, the Raise the worst

Cesarini Zone in the League: Valencia is the one that moves the best, the Raise the worst
El Valencia es el rey de la Zona Cesarini. PHOTO: As

The Cesarini area in football for example, is an expression used to define the final leg of a match and comes in honor of Renato Cesarini (1906-1969) that he was a footballer who had the ability or the rare gift of scoring goals in the last minutes of matches.

In the season 2021-22 in Spanish LaLiga, the Cesarini area is being taken to the extreme since until the day 13, the 11% of the 296 goals scored this season, have been marked in this period of the game. And this leaves us two sides of the same coin in the same city. Valencia is one of the teams that has obtained the most points in this period and Levante, one of those who has lost the most in the final minutes of the match.

The Cesarini area, el momento de los valientes

The final leg of the matches is decisive in the Spanish League. The long discounts of 7-8 minutes or more, united to those given in the first part, are making the parties go to 100 minutes and sometimes more. It is at that moment when the Cesarini area or the moment of the brave.

Aquí destaca el Valencia de Bordalás con 5 goals. And it is that those of Mestalla raised 2 goals in the discount against Mallorca with which they lost 0-2 in the minute 91 and they ended up tying 2 and with Atlético with whom they lost 1-3 at 90 and they ended up getting a 2-2. También consiguieron otro gol en este tramo de partido ante el Athletic.

Barcelona with 4 and Osasuna with 3 are other teams that have made a great profit in the last minutes of the game. And it is that at that moment or you go with everything or if your legs shake you are lost.

Levante and Cádiz, de mantequilla en estos minutos

The Levante 2021-22 It's a drama. With zero wins in 13 parties added to the 8 last games without a win of the season 2020-21, is close to reaching the record of matches without winning followed by the Spanish League. But if it weren't for the Cesarini Zone, the granotas would have already recovered sensations, they would be better in the table and possibly they would not have fired Paco López.

And it is that the Raise has lost in this section of the meetings a whopping 5 points due to 4 goals conceded after 90. And the indentation would be even greater if we count those embedded between the 80 and the 90. And it is that granotas players shake their legs between the 80 and what the referee deducts at the end of the game, being a rival who gets a hand.

Cádiz and Mallorca are other of those penalized in this phase. Although Cádiz scored precisely against Levante in the minute 98, has been punished with 4 goals passing the hour, like Mallorca that of those 4, He conceded 2 with the king of the Cesarini area, Valencia, in the painful tie to 2 for the balearics. Who also lost points for goals in the last minutes of the match in 3 meetings in a row.

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