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  2. An article about the biggest mercenaries in soccer would be nice.
    vicente (ex levante and valencia) could be one of those who were.
    congratulations on the page, very good

  3. Dear Webmaster,

    I am writing to you once again on behalf of

    Como sabe, wanted to give its community of players, and anyone else who is a soccer fan, the chance to be part of the game.
    In the past months we had an interesting promotion where we asked everyone who wanted to raise their voices and give their opinion about what was happening in La Liga.. We asked that you make your comment within a tab on the Facebook page and receive as many votes as possible..
    Every week, the player who posted the comment with the most votes won and his photo was posted on the perimeters of the pitch during the La Liga match, this happened in interesting games like Atlético vs.. Real Madrid, Villareal - FC Barcelona, and more.
    The campaign was very successful and now we are celebrating with an infographic describing the campaign so far.
    Last Saturday on the perimeters of the most important game of the season, the game where the champion of the season was decided, between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, We present all the people who were part of this unique promotion.
    We also had a special tournament on our site celebrating the end of “Be part of the game” and celebrating the La Liga final where for the first time in many years it is the game that decided who the final champion is..
    We greatly appreciate your help and interest and we attach the file with the infographic here in case you and your readers are interested in celebrating with us.. You can also find it at or add it to the site using this code:

    Thank you very much for being part of the game, and we look forward to staying in touch for our next special event.

    a cordial greeting,

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