Diego Maradona is a legend in video games

Diego Maradona is a legend in video games
Maradona is immortal also in video games. PHOTO: https://pixabay.com/es/vectors/diego-maradona-fútbol-maradona-3232967/

The video game industry invoices millions annually, even, achieves revenue similar to the film and music industry. This format is played on consoles, although currently the pc gamer also have a wide catalog of games. Many video games have recreated different sports such as tennis, basketball or billiards, however, few have become as popular as soccer, who has managed to immortalize characters like Diego Armando Maradona.

The legend of the Argentine soccer star was not only forged in stadium grass but also in video game consoles more than 30 years and where it still shines in the dream teams that gamers put together with the iconic players of all time.

The first appearance of his name in the gaming world occurred after winning the World Cup in Mexico 86, when an English company created the game "Peter Shilton’s Handball Maradona", as a satire for the goal with the hand that scored the English goalkeeper Peter Shilton in the quarter-finals.

Maradona was not part of the game since its purpose was only for the famous goalkeeper to avoid the greatest number of goals from the players controlled by the machine.

The real leap to the fields of Diego's consoles occurred in 1991 with the "Seibu Cup Soccer", where he could only be identified as the player of the Argentine national team with an afro hair, similar to the style he used in his time at Naples.

Despite the success of the game, It was not the best time for the star who had just lost the World Cup in Italy 90 and suffer a sanction for giving positive to the anti-doping control that they did in the Italian league.

However, your success in the videogames nobody stopped him, even though he never appeared with his real name for licensing reasons.

For example, in 1993, the Japanese company Sega renamed him Donadona at the launch of AWS Pro Moves Soccer for the Genesis console.

Two years later, another japanese company, Konami, made the launch of one of the most successful sagas in the history of video games: the International Superstar Soccer Deluxe where the 10 of the Argentine team was "Redonda".

In those years, Maradona returned to Argentine football after serving another FIFA sanction for the doping case in the United States World Cup 94 and an opaque time at Sevilla.

Returning home to play for Newell’s Old Boys or lead Racing de Avellaneda, motivated enthusiastic hackers to convert the J. League Pro Striker 2 in a pirate version called Argentine Football 96 with Maradona as Boca Juniors player.

In the light of the new century and with the development of new consoles, Ten went on to become a legend and only available in certain game modes to integrate golden selections.

Hence his time at Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (2017), Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update and in recent times with the different versions of FIFA.

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