Five of the best strikers in the history of the League Part II

A while ago we were talking aboutfive of the best forwards in the history of the League. Today Sunny, we bring you the second installment of five of the best “killers” the area that have gone through the Spanish football. Players who scored many goals and a time in the league.

Some of the best forwards in the history of the Spanish League

1-Raul Gonzalez. He “7”, which he never does anything or the smartest of the class. So they came to dub Raul, a man who scored goals of all colors at Real Madrid. Opportunistic like no other, when I was young was a tireless fighter and when he got older, It became a real mouse area. I was always in the right place at the right time to send the ball into the opponent's net.

2-David Villa. The other 7, another major, one of the best scorers that has given the Spanish football. He scored goals in Sporting, Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. Quality, opportunism, auction…Villa had all the great qualities you must have a center forward and certainly, It is one of the best in league history long.

3-Quini. He “Sorcerer” of the goal, a front of before, a born scorer who scored goals in the Sporting of his soul and in Barcelona where he suffered a kidnapping 25 days he was off the pitch and still finish as top scorer this season despite the traumatic lived experience.

4-Romario. A year and a half in Barcelona where he won the Pichichi and let some controversy, They earned him to be one of the best strikers who have gone through the League. For memory left that cow's tail to Alkorta. Later he was in Valencia but his step was almost symbolic because it did not complete a season or two times the campaign started there.

5-Santillana. Carlos Alonso González, “Santillana” He is having been born in Santillana del Mar, He was one of the best strikers in the league. With a shot from crushing head, He played for Racing and 16 years at Real Madrid where he scored more than 300 goals.

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