Real Madrid this summer no vacation

Real Madrid this summer no vacation
The busiest market signings Real Madrid. PHOTO: Pixabay // AFP // Common License

With the season completed some time ago, the most important teams like Barcelona Laliga, the real Madrid, the Atletico Madrid and Valencia outline your templates ahead of next season.

The transfer time It is always one of the most interesting; high, low, rumors and, sometimes smoke, help better to spend the summer in which the ball rolls.

Unlike other years, This campaign can become historic in what signings refers, taking in the capital the greatest exponent. After a dismal season Real Madrid where everything that could go wrong went wrong, the set of Florentino Perez decided to remodel, In addition to the Bernabeu, Template.

The first signing of the new season came, surprisingly, last year, as The club joined their ranks Rodrygo jovencísimo, Brazilian striker, in June 2018, although it was given in his team, Santos, until this summer. The final figure was around Cart 50 millions of euros. He still has much to prove, but it certainly has all mimbres to become one of the best players in the next decade.

The second to extend the template merengue, also a few months ago, It was the defense Eder Militão, from the Porto, by 50 millions of euros. The reason to seize promising player before time was none other than keep the price should rise, as, If the white club had waited until the 15 of July, the value would amount to 75 millions.

With this addition, the real Madrid It takes one of the most versatile defenders and most promising market, as well as to play central defense, so you can make right back, a position, for the moment, It is covered with Carvajal and Odriozola.

Jovic It has been one of the signings that excited but, like Rodrygo and Militão, You will have to show that you have enough to defend the white elastic level and not left in a false promise. Despite his youth, the Serbia forward It has been shown at Eintracht Frankfurt making quality a very good campaign, both the Bundesliga and the Europa League. Precisely in this European competition, the front faces was who now shares wardrobe, Eden Hazard.

Undoubtedly, Hazard has been, Until now, the most expensive signing: 100 millions of euros. further, the Belgian has also been one of the additions that has aroused more enthusiasm among fans meringues, although it seems that the player who is destined to unleash the euphoria at the Bernabeu is Mbappé. French is on everyone's lips and it looks like, If you miss this summer, Yes you could end up defending the Real Madrid shield in the near future.

moment, which just landed is Hazard, who comes to steal put Bale, something that will not be difficult since all reports indicate that the Welshman has foot and a half outside the club led by Zidane. In fact, his departure from Real Madrid is so obvious that even the comparator has forecast Oddschecker predictions about what his next team after its passage by Real Madrid.

The latest addition has been the left side Mendy by an amount close to 45 millions and that is to make competition Marcelo. The truth is that the signing surprised friends and strangers, since Reguilón, young canterano, he made a fantastic season and, nevertheless, It is on the exit ramp.

In the same ramp is an important number of players with the club led by Ramos will try to raise cash. Despite the information placed several players out, the reality is that players like Mariano They have said they want to stay and do not plan to leave, so it will be complex Real Madrid get rid of some.

But nevertheless, others like Ceballos or James seem to have things clearer and accept willingly withdraw from the white club, but they do not plan to leave far, since Atletico Madrid is trying to catch his rival as evidenced by the latest addition Marcos Llorente. Output Kovacic, meanwhile, It seems already confirmed, Chelsea being set that will go the Croatian midfielder.

Among the speculations, some additions sound harder than others, but you never know where you can get the address of white club. It seems that one of players who are most interested in is Pogba, although it seems very difficult that this dream Zidane will become reality, so the technical secretariat has already begun to sound out other possibilities such as Van de Beek, Ndombélé, Fabián O Eriksen, although the latter has lost momentum in recent weeks.

The reality is that with Real Madrid, and more specifically with Florentino Perez, It can not be taken for closed transfer stage until the last day market, which undoubtedly will make the hot summer entertaining.


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