Simeone, five years as rojiblanco Mr.

Simeone, five years as rojiblanco Mr.
Simeone arrived at Atlético at Christmas 2011.

In football, We are accustomed to the incessant dances on the bench. Coaches come and go and, wonders that, They get to plant and develop your idea into a specific computer. However, Atletico de Madrid, thanks to Simeone, such chimera has been realized.

A 23 from December, after the dismissal of Gregorio Manzano, the "Cholo" became coach of rojiblanco. Today, five years later, Argentina is more than the coach, It is the absolute leader, the soul of the club, a piece of the shield and living part of history.

Under the motto "party to party", Simeone has managed to establish a philosophy, a way of thinking, supported on a style of play, you will like more or less, but he has returned to Atleti to the top. It is included, to dispute you to you the titles to the big European, including, Of course, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

His numbers in command of the ship rojiblanca-stopping. In their 284 matches, He has tasted victory in 178 occasions, You have seen the tie 57, and he has just been defeated in 49. All this has served to conquer, nothing more and nothing less, a Copa del Rey (winning the final at the Santiago Bernabeu), a league (thanks to the tie harvested last day at the Camp Nou), Spain Supercup (against Real Madrid), the UEFA Europa League playing the final against Athletic Bilbao) and one European Super Cup (against Chelsea).

Definitely, this Diego Pablo Simeone five years as coach of Atletico Madrid is worthy of praise and admiration. He has served as an example to confirm that from humility and work should not be afraid to front, however powerful this is.

Carlos Garrido

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