“Rubiales is a novice and a hick”

“Rubiales is a novice and a hick”
Clemente has harshly attacked Luis Manuel Rubiales. Photo: AS

Pump Lopetegui signing for Real Madrid behind the RFEF and subsequent dismissal by the president of the same, still causes a shockwave. The latest to join the party was Javier Clemente who has not hesitated to strongly give the former president of the AFE and former footballer Levante among others and now president of the Royal Spanish Federation, Luis Manuel Rubiales.

The Basque, former Spain in 90 and known close friend of Angel Maria Villar, RFEF president for 30 years, has not hesitated to attack the hard way the new president's decision to take to until today, Spanish coach just two days to debut in the World.

“If we talk at football, and consider what a club and involved in sports management, Rubiales is a hick”, He said in an interview in the middle 'Onda Vasca'. “He is a rookie and his arguments are somewhat dictatorial, He has entered and the first thing he has done has been to place all his people. moment, It has already ceased to a lot of people who had long been working on the federation. And all to get your friends”, sentenced harshly Javier Clemente one that continues to friends.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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