Spanish teams have won more international titles

Spanish teams have won more international titles
Real Madrid with the Club World Cup 2016. It is the Spanish team with the most international titles. Photo: New dairy

Since beginning the XXI century, Spanish football has dominated European and even global competitions. Since the arrival of the new millennium, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Valencia, They have managed to raise some of the continental titles that have been in contention. Nearly two decades for football prodigious, who spent many decades with hardly get anything with some exceptions. We tell you all the international titles of the Spanish teams.

1- Real Madrid: won 11 times European Cup, 2 times UEFA Cup, 3 Sometimes the European Super Cup, 3 and the Intercontinental Cup 2 the Club World Cup.

2- Barcelona: won 5 times European Cup, 4 Recopa, 3 Sometimes the Club World Cup and 5 European Super Cup.

3- Sevilla: 5 time champion of the Europa League and once in the European Super Cup.

4- Athletic: 3 times runner-up European Cup / Champions, Recopa champion and the Europa League twice. Winner of 1 European Super Cup and Intercontinental in 1974

5-Valencia: Champions runner twice, Recopa Champion , Cup UEFA 2004 , plus twice the European Super Cup.

6- Zaragoza: Recopa champion in 1995

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Alberto Llopis

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