“It is in the form, He has played matches in jail”

“It is in the form, He has played matches in jail”
Semedo in his presentation as a player of the Huesca. Photo: www.elperiodicodearagon.com

His imprisonment was sounded by the protagonist as much as for any reason. Now, released on bail, Ruben Semedo encounters a new chance to be a footballer, this time from the hand of Huesca. However his move as it can not be otherwise, continues to speak.

“Semedo is very strong physically, without shoelaces, He has played matches in jail”, said Emilio Vega, oscense team sporting director on the state of the player on loan from Villarreal who was recently released from prison in Picassent.

On the judicial process Semedo, Vega argued that: “We are not judges. I do not want to talk about hypotheses, but we are a serious club. If there is an escape clause for Huesca if convicted Semedo? I can not reveal, but there is an internal system”.

“Semedo on loan without purchase option. Huesca takes over part of the record player. It was clear from the beginning that Semedo could be a good choice” He sentenced the Aragonese team sporting director. We'll see if the Portuguese can re-engage the world of professional football.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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