A Kanté was embarrassed to ask for a photo Cup

A Kanté was embarrassed to ask for a photo Cup
I kanté with the World Cup had to give N'Zonzi. Photo: Cuatro.com

Recently we told about it, hard childhood he suffered in the Paris suburbs collecting scrap metal when he was a child, Today the whole football world knows him as a world champion after winning in France in Russia 2018. A beast on the field, but so shy out of it that he was unable to ask for the Cup to take a photo. We speak as Kanté, man of 15 lungs.

Able to bore your rivals on the green base and steal balls chase, N'Golo Kanté starred in one of the stories of the World at the end of the match between French and Croatian and consecrated the former as the world's top twenty years after winning his last World. All photos were made with the Cup while Kanté, He dared not ask to take the photo of rigor and craved.

The poor had to wait for your partner, N’Zonzi, he asked his companions to leave him the trophy Kanté to pose with this precious treasure. In a video of the broadcaster 'BBC’ you can see how the
Sevilla footballer calls for cedérsela Cup to Kanté, who was among the remaining players. Chelsea midfielder, with the Cup and a shy smile, I stood before photographers and posed for eternity with a trophy for which, he had worked much.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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