All League winners from 1990

All League winners from 1990

Barcelona champions proclaimed in 2016 after beating Granada in their stadium. Algo que quizás para los más jóvenes no parece una novedad pero para los que ya gozan de cierta edad quizás si. And it sounds crazy but FC Barcelona had won only 10 links to 1990. Since then, has won 14 by 4 of Real Madrid, 2 of Atlético, 2 of Valencia and 1 Deportivo. These are the league champions from 1990.

1990: Real Madrid
1991: FC Barcelona
1992: FC Barcelona
1993: FC Barcelona
1994: FC Barcelona
1995: Real Madrid
1996: Atlético de Madrid
1997: Real Madrid
1998: FC Barcelona
1999: FC Barcelona
2000: Deportivo de la Coruña
2001: Real Madrid
2002: Valencia
2003: Real Madrid
2004: Valencia
2005: FC Barcelona
2006: FC Barcelona2
2007: Real Madrid
2008: Real Madrid
2009: FC Barcelona
2010: FC Barcelona
2011: FC Barcelona
2012: Real Madrid
2013: FC Barcelona
2014: Atlético de Madrid
2015: FC Barcelona
2016: FC Barcelona

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