All League winners from 1990

All League winners from 1990

Barcelona champions proclaimed in 2016 after beating Granada in their stadium. Something that perhaps for younger does not seem a novelty but for those who already enjoy a certain age maybe if. And it sounds crazy but FC Barcelona had won only 10 links to 1990. Since then, has won 14 by 4 Real Madrid, 2 Atletico, 2 Valencia and 1 Deportivo. These are the league champions from 1990.

1990: Real Madrid
1991: FC Barcelona
1992: FC Barcelona
1993: FC Barcelona
1994: FC Barcelona
1995: Real Madrid
1996: Atletico Madrid
1997: Real Madrid
1998: FC Barcelona
1999: FC Barcelona
2000: Deportivo La Coruna
2001: Real Madrid
2002: Valencia
2003: Real Madrid
2004: Valencia
2005: FC Barcelona
2006: FC Barcelona2
2007: Real Madrid
2008: Real Madrid
2009: FC Barcelona
2010: FC Barcelona
2011: FC Barcelona
2012: Real Madrid
2013: FC Barcelona
2014: Atletico Madrid
2015: FC Barcelona
2016: FC Barcelona

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