Analysis Brazil World Cup draw 2014

Analysis Brazil World Cup draw 2014

The next World Cup in Brazil 2014 already you know their fate. The 32 teams battling the 12 June to 13 relieve July for Spain as world champions have met opponents who will have to be measured. heavy fighting as the Netherlands or Spain-Italy-England make a very unequal offer a fruit of big drums and a draw somewhat “special”. Eight groups of four where they will spend the first two and then we analyze:

Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon:

Brazil will open the World Cup against Croatia in a group without any “coco but no pushovers. Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon are three strong teams with good individualities. Three dangerous assemblies with great strikers who have the same chances of qualifying round. The worst thing for the hosts, the crossing. Terrible, with Spain or the Netherlands. Forecast: Brazil and Croatia spend.

B Group: Spain, Holland, Chile and Australia:

One group of death. Spain and the Netherlands will open on Friday 13 a very tough group which inexplicably champion and runner faces are the first exchange. And if that was not enough, Chile is a very compact, hard and with good individuals as Alexis O Vidal. Spain and the Netherlands should happen but it will not be easy. Australia should be the guest of stone. Forecast: Spain and the Netherlands spend.

Group C: Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan.

loose group, possibly the most. Colombia comes as top seed and Falcao or above Montero. But Ivory Coast is always set to consider. Japan and Greece should be the most affordable, but surely there are surprises and a lot of equality in a group without clear favorite. Forecast: spend Colombia and Ivory Coast.

group D: Uruguay, Italy, England and Costa Rica.

Possibly, the strongest group around the World. Another aberration of FIFA by allowing three world champions together. Italy should be the best, but being Uruguay and England with their individualities nobody can sleep peacefully. Costa Rica should not pose great danger. Forecast: pass Italy and Uruguay.

The next World Cup groups.
The next World Cup groups.

group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras.

Luckier impossible for France who qualified in the playoffs miracle and Switzerland and Ecuador have as maximum pitfalls. Completing the group with Honduras, Swiss and Ecuadorian should be played second place. Forecast: pass France and Ecuador.

Grupo F: Argentina, Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria.

Argentina is the best stop of the World. Noiselessly it has an affordable group and cross presumably easy. Bosnia and Nigeria should settle who is second. Forecast: Argentina and Bosnia pass.

Grupo G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the United States.

complete group with Germany as favorite but with Portugal and Ghana fairly close. Germans if they want to win the World Cup should go as early. Lusos with Christian should be second. Ghana has a very good block but it seems difficult to be classified in such a group. United States is unknown. The best, crossing both. Forecast: pass Germany and Portugal.

group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea.

Belgians are released as seedings and do so in a group where Russia is the biggest threat. The two Europeans are clearly favorable on paper to Asian and African. Forecast: spend Belgium and Russia.

*Some data the next World Cup:

– There will be 12 headquarters. Maracana stadium will host the final as larger enclosure (75.525 viewers). The inaugural meeting will be held in Sao Paulo.

*There will be four times in the first phase: 18 hours, 21, 00:00 Y 03:00. From knockout, times will 18 Y 22 hours.

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