Aston Villa 2- Manchester United 3: ‘ Long live Chicharito!

Two goals (and a half) of Chicharito against Aston Villa were enough for Manchester United to retain the leadership of the Premier for another week. Whatever City and Chelsea do today (in their respective duels against Tottenham and Liverpool), Ferguson's team will continue to command in the standings after the Mexican forward's recital, It came out for Young in the second half and turned a 2-0 favorable for villains.

Weimann, Author of both Aston Villa goals, pointed to idol of the afternoon. He had advanced his team at the edge of the break and seemed to leave the game seen for sentence when in the minute 50 established the 2-0. But nevertheless, eight minutes later the repertoire of the lethal Chicharito began. He demonstrated power and speed in the 2-1, He allied with luck so that Vlar made the draw at his own door after a good volley of his and showed his killer arts in the meantime that culminated a great comeback, with an impeccable header, after launching into a plate to finish off a Van Persie cross. It was the winning goal and the lead goal for United, that he could and deserved to score before when Valencia and Van Persie, with the 2-2, they crashed two shots at the sticks.

United win puts pressure on City and Chelsea, who need victory so as not to lose the leader's trail. Di Matteo's team, Second classified, receives a Liverpool that wanders by the thirteenth position. Far are the big clashes between Mourinho and Benítez, entre Lampard y Gerrard. Now, The only thing left is the nostalgia for those magical afternoons and the spice of seeing Torres facing the team that saw him triumph. Now, it's a duel of needs: Chelsea's, for not letting go of United, and that of Liverpool, for dreaming of going back to Europe. further, the City, in a state of alarm after the debacle in the Champions League, will seek to take flight against Tottenham that is sixth in the Premier.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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