Berlusconi, He sentenced to four years in prison, one would stoop to pardon

Former Italian Prime Minister and owner of Milan Silvio Berlusconi, he was sentenced to four years in prison after a Milan court found him guilty of tax fraud, in relation to irregularities committed in the businesses of his media consortium Mediaset. It is a decision in the first instance and it is still early to know if it will be firm, because criminal acts could prescribe. The attorney general had asked for the media czar of 76 years three years and eight months in prison. Berlusconi is one of the total 11 accused in the case opened six years ago. But nevertheless, a pardon, will make the former Italian president only meet one.

He is accused of being personally involved in a fictional sales chain over the years 90. In the sale of Mediaset emission rights, costs were inflated by hundreds of millions of dollars, which allowed the group to evade 14.000 millions of euros (18.000 millions of dollars), as accused Milan prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale, asking for prison terms for all defendants.

The group president, Fedele Confalonieri, he was however acquitted. Berlusconi reiterated his innocence, as in other proceedings against him. In his time as prime minister, he carried out several judicial reforms that allowed the Mediaset process to be interrupted, as well as others against him, and that they make the crimes for which he is accused are about to prescribe.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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