The best players in the history of Wales

The best players in the history of Wales
Gareth Bale is one of the best Welsh footballers in history. PHOTO:

Who are the best players in the history of Wales? Welsh, They have settled in the international football scene selections level to its interests in the Euro 2016 and in the Euro 2020. Thus, we started to remember those who are possibly the best players ever Welsh.

Ryan Giggs, arguably the best player in the history of Wales

There are few who believe that what Ryan Giggs is the best player in Welsh history. Excuse that if John Charles. Nothing more and nothing less than 24 service seasons Manchester United where he won: 13 English leagues, 4 FA Cup, 8 Community Shield, 2 Champions League, 1 Intercontinental, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Mundialito Clubs.

further, was not expelled or once in their 910 professional games and struck at the least one goal in every season except where he played last active. He accumulated many records at the individual level. He retired the 6 May 2014 with honors from Old Trafford delivered.

The shirt of Wales, disputed 102 matches and scored 15 goals but failed to reach as high as your selection with the Red Devil T-shirt or taste the success of the generation of the second decade of the twenty-first century, because it did not play any major tournament for his country because of the low level of Welsh players who were with him at the time.

Gareth Bale, the best player in the history of Wales in the XXI century

Fractious, spotty at Real Madrid, rare for some…but an idol in his country. Gareth Bale is the best Welsh player ever in the XXI century. At the time, I become the most expensive signing in history when he signed for Real Madrid, club in which an active part in achieving 4 Champions 5 years, also scoring in the final against Atletico Madrid 2014 and against Liverpool in Kiev where scored twice in 2018. Later he became one of the Real Madrid footballers who won 5 Champions. He also scored one goal in the final of the King Cup 2014 in Mestalla against Barcelona in the final of the Club World 2016.

With the selection of Wales, Bale has been and is the leader best generation of Welsh players in history. The Welsh winger has led his country to two European Championships, He is the star player and natural leader of the team. And he did putting forward his selection to the club paid him thus generating controversy extends Real Madrid. For many it is the best ever ahead of Giggs.

Aaron Ramsey, player mortals goals

It is one of the most talented players who never gave the Welsh country despite the curious and strange curse that is credited. And for a while, cach time Ramsey scored a goal, died a famous. A quality footballer with a respectable career in the Premiership and be part of the best generation of footballers in the country of the dragon able to qualify for two European Championships followed.

best welsh footballers in history
Aaron Ramsey, the man of the cursed goals. PHOTO:

Gary Speed, one of the best players in the history of Wales had a tragic end

He was a player and coach of Wales and one of the best ever. He had a long career in the fields where he excelled in football teams like Leeds United, Newcastle or Bolton among others. With the Welsh shirt, juice 85 games and scored 7 goals. Welsh coach was between 2010 Y 2011 when he died as reported by local authorities in the area, by suicide appearing hanged at home. It was one of those players or former players who ended a tragic end.

Ian Rush, Welsh goals in the 80

It was one of the best Welsh players in the early 80. He triumphed in Liverpool and he played in teams like Leeds and Juventus among many others. He was also the Welsh benchmark despite not achieving any international success with his national team shirt where he scored 28 goals in 73 matches. He retired in Australia in the year 2000 after a long career 21 years.

John Charles, one of the best British players of all time

Born in Swansea in 1931 and died in 2004, John Charles was one of the best players that has given Britain at all times. Like many other Welshmen, He took a step Leeds United but it was in the Juventus 50 and early 60 when he established himself as one of the best of his time. While in Italy he is considered one of the best players in the history of Juve. He participated in the World 1958, the first and only one in which they played the 4 British teams. Before his death he received the Order of the British Empire. One of the best players in the history of Wales.

Neville Southall, Porter looks peculiar that played 15 years in the selection of Wales

At the end of his career he noted for his obvious overweight and thick mustache. But before, Neville Southall was one of the best goalkeepers in English football teams like Everton. In the Welsh team he defended the goal for 92 meetings in 15 years in which he was summoned.

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