Betis-Sevilla, Sevilla-Betis, who is better?

Betis-Sevilla, Sevilla-Betis, who is better?
Betis and Sevilla, one of the most passionate derbies in Spain if not the most.

Sevilla-Betis, Betis-Sevilla. So much mounts mounts. Possibly, the fiercest derby in Spain. A city divided into two: the”further ones” and the “Plngns”. Sevilla against Betis. But, who is better? That's the question we now do in Colgados for football and we will try to resolve it in the most objective way through a variety of sporting criteria and not so sports:

– Head to Head: Betis and Sevilla have faced 117 sometimes officially, 86 of them in First Division. Of all duels, Sevilla won 57 matches, Betis 35 and they tied a total of five times. The box has been Nervion 24 sometimes ahead of Betis in First, by 18 of béticos. The first confrontation of them dating from 24 February 1915. Sevilla is 1905, Betis of 1907.

– Titles: both teams have won major official titles. Sevilla has seven national titles (1 league, 5 Cups and Super Cup) and three European titles (UEFA Cups and one European Super Cup). Betis, meanwhile, enjoys 1 league, 2 Cups and Super Cup, but no European trophy.

– Stadium and partners: the Sanchez Pizjuan is Sevilla's stadium. Accommodates 45.500 viewers. The Benito Villamarin has the ability to put 52.500 viewers, although when you finish the planned expansion is possible it will be extended to 64.000 seating. But nevertheless, the number of partners differs to the data offered. Sevilla has 39.500, Betis 29.000. However it, I must say that in the capital Andalusian, Socio-Economic Barometer XVI Centro Andaluz de Prospection béticos picked that more than sevillistas, with the 40,2 % citizens of verdiblanco team against 35,9 % assembly Nerbioi.

The Sanchez Pizjuan dresses in big games.
The Sanchez Pizjuan dresses in big games.

– Budget: Sevilla has a budget 100 millions of euros, slightly more than double that has the Real Betis, dipped in recent times continuing economic problems.

– Representation: Traditionally it has been said that Sevilla was the team of the upper class and institutions and even at the beginning of the century had the power to military service to recruit the best players. Betis has always been listed as the whole people, the middle class or lower middle.

– Reputation: Betis wins by a landslide in this aspect it is considered one of the nicest few teams exist in Spain. Sevilla has never aroused such admiration outside the city of Seville, although at the beginning of the new century successes they catapulted him to fame very high rates of.

Betis has a loyal crowd.
Betis has a loyal crowd.

Sevillistas say with some banter that only wins Betis Sevilla in years in Third Division (7 by any of the Nervion) and in years in Second. Verdiblancos say they have to “Grandma”, what “They threw stones, they crucified them as they died and shouted viva er Beti manque lose”. A nice…Betis-Sevilla, Sevilla-Betis, two ways to view the antagonistic life.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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  1. Seville is dominator of European football , something that betis does not , has dominated europe six times in the europa league , Betis doesn't have a fucking European title , Sevilla is going to play the club super world cup , thing that betisno , Seville is a great of Europe , Betis is not

  2. a cairn pal the letter q ,Sevilla has 39 partners or dreaming,in his fucking life tenio,yel betis to this day is 38000, so q have if we learn before talking without knowing,are you also deci q Olvidao to Jugao champions Real Betis and Sevilla in his life Jugao

    1. The Cerdilla not have 39000 partners or dreaming,in his life tenio,and Betis to this day is 38000, so q have if we learn before talking without knowing,are you also deci q Olvidao to Jugao champions Real Betis and Sevilla in his life Jugao

  3. Betis for his love its history and philosophy, Sevilla is what it is thanks to a corrupt president who trinco money from the people of mara, clear just how I explain that leap of quality that spoke 2004

  4. You're wrong, Neither the number of partners is Seville 39.500 much less have a 32.100 while Betis has 32.700, check your source about that, Otherwise very good news

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