Brazil 2014, without stages

Next december, Brazil will only have completed the construction of two of the six stadiums chosen for the Confederations Cup. Despite the delay in construction, FIFA, that had signaled the end of 2012 as the deadline, has officially announced the venues that will host the competition prior to the World Cup 2014: Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Fortress, Salvador of Bahia and Recife.

At a joint press conference with representatives of FIFA and the Brazilian government, Walter de Gregorio, FIFA spokesperson, confirmed that they have chosen to maintain the original plan as a result of the “Political compromise” of the Brazilian authorities and based on the technical reports that ensure that the stadiums with delay in their construction phase will be delivered in April 2013. Right now, Only the stadiums in Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza will be ready in December.
“We would be much calmer if all stadiums could be ready in December, but we have to be realistic. It is a gigantic challenge and the term is short. We are, On one side, happy for the solution, but we are still worried”, express. But nevertheless, De Gregorio acknowledged that FIFA does not have a “plan B” in the event that one or more of the stadiums fails to meet the new deadline. “There is no plan B, but we are convinced that all stadiums will be ready to receive the tests in April”, emphasized.

“Based on the verifications carried out until October, We believe that the stadiums may be ready to host the events as of 15 of April”, also affirmed the head of the company responsible for monitoring the progress of the works in the stadiums, Carlos of the Court. further, noted that from now on the inspection of works will be more frequent, and will generate updated reports every two weeks: “There is no more room for delays”, he warned.

After defining the number of venues, FIFA will start ticket sales, whose prices will oscillate between 15 dollars -the category 4, reserved exclusively for Brazilians- Y 160 Dollars, as announced by the entity's marketing director, Thierry Weil.
The first phase of ticket sales will begin on 21 next november, with the offer of a limited number of tickets for the clients of one of its main sponsors, the credit card operator Visa. The second phase will start on 3 next december, two days after the draw for the Confederations Cup groups, and then the tickets that have not been sold will be put on sale.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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