Five young hopefuls who will not be in Brazil

Five young hopefuls who will not be in Brazil

A World Cup is the largest possible showcase for the vast majority of footballers. The eyes of hundreds of scouts will keep an eye on the great event that only occurs every four years. Many young players will seek to graduate in Brazil, however others who have been taking off lately will not have the opportunity to participate. Today in Hanging Up for Soccer we review some of the under-23 men who unfortunately will not be part of the game.

Eric Lamela, Argentina (21)

His speed and skill in the Olympic band in Rome did not go unnoticed by the great European clubs. The English Tottemhan decided to invest the money that he received from the transfer of the Welshman Gareth Bale in this young Argentine. However, the bet has not gone as well as desired and the young man who shone in Rome has not managed to earn a place in the eleven of the Spurs. His moment of form is not ideal and his coach Sabella, has decided to leave him at home. He has not performed as expected throughout the year and will have to wait another four years to qualify for the final phase of a World Cup.

Christian Benteke, Belgium (23)

There are different reasons that have distanced the powerful villain striker of Congolese origin from Brazil. He, if it had totally taken off and was performing at its highest level in the Premier. His formidable physique and his scoring ability dazzled wherever he stepped until a fateful afternoon in early April was seriously injured. Your Achilles tendon said enough and you will have to wait until 2015 to get back on a pitch. Belgium boasts a large and formidable batch of young stars, but Benteke, will not be able to add in Brazil and will have to wait until Russia 2018 to play a World Cup.

Benteke will miss the World Cup due to injury.

Jorginho, Italy (22)

Finally Prandelli did not include him in the definitive list for Brazil. This midfielder, Brazilian by birth but nationalized Italian, has shown all its offensive display in the newly promoted, Hellas Verona. His great performances during the first part of the season did not go unnoticed by Rafa Benítez and in the winter market, Naples took over his services.. He was proclaimed champion of the Italian Cup and scored an important goal in the quarterfinals. Endorsements are not lacking and it seemed that Cesare Prandelli could include him in the list for Brazil. Unfortunately, This has not been the case and you should continue earning it for the next four years..

Jorginho-Frello-stats (1)
Jorginho in one of his performances with Hellas Verona.

Hailovic, Croatia (17)

At 17 years is the last pearl to come out of the dynamo of Zagreb. Despite his recent signing with the F.C. Barcelona, we cannot find it in Brazil. It has a great capacity for imbalance in the race and a powerful change of pace. Formidable virtues at his age and very important for a midfielder with a lot of influence on the bands. You have plenty of time to still become a World Cup star, and with total certainty that he has a date on his head. Russia 2018. Until then, to play, grow and make a name for yourself in football.

In the image, the new signing of Barça greets Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a match in the last Champions.

Jesús Corona, Mexico (21)

The young Corona became a figure in all the inferiors of Mexico and soon landed in Europe. Very skilled band player will equip his team with overflow and impudence. We can follow its evolution in the Dutch Twente where this year it has conquered hundreds of tulip hearts

"Tecatito" will have to wait to play a World Cup.
“Tecatito” will have to wait to play a World Cup.

Unfortunately none of them will be in Brazil, but with total certainty all of them will play one day a final phase of the World Cup. For the next four years there is no other choice but to continue fighting, working and dreaming of having the opportunity to stand out in the biggest possible scenario. Why, footballing talking, playing a World Cup with your country is the maximum that any young promise can aspire to.

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