Cristiano Ronaldo, the record man Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo, the record man Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo has renewed until 2022. Photo:

El Real Madrid continues with its particular "Plan Renove", Y, If last week was the turn of Bale, now it has touched franchise star and white team player. We speak, how not, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although lately the Luso crack does not cross at their best, it is undeniable that is one of the best players in the world and, possibly, the best in the history of Real Madrid. their numbers, at least, so glimpse. Since his arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu 11 June 2009, “CR7”, as well it is known, He has beaten, or rather pulverized, almost all records. Especially, in terms of goals refers.

Christian dressed in white shirt 360 matches, in which he has scored, nothing more and nothing less, what 372 many. An average of 1.03 goals per game, a genuine outrage. But, This is not ending here. He also has managed to overcome the scandalous figure 50 goals per season during 3 seasons.

This situation occurs similarly in his favorite competition: la Champions League, in which it holds a total of 98 goals, and he is top scorer in his last two editions.

To all this, we must add many other merits, as their 3 Golden Balls, be the player with the most "hat-tricks" in Spanish league. Definitely, although many disagree, this is a player who has already scored a time and can continue to expand its legend. Real Madrid continued its record man says.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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