El FIFA 16 promises to revolutionize football video games

El FIFA 16 promises to revolutionize football video games

¿FIFA PES? This dilemma every year back in late September and early October gamers lovers of football video games. Because, when it has not yet finished the season and months ahead of the launch of the new game, the fans, They make suggestions and becoming interested in rumors and possible improvements of their favorite game. Today we tell you which are coming from EA Sports with FIFA 16 it seems, promises to revolutionize football video games.

The truth is that the next generation consoles already established and fully operational, the possibilities are endless. As has been told, one of the first intentions of EA Sports is to improve the graphics environment stadiums, making even more realistic game also improving the image of the fans, lawn and aesthetics of players. Of course improvements physics the ball and the game will not be short.

Another rumor that sounds hard and it would almost final push to the EA game, would be the incorporation of the Champions and Europa League official something that until now, You could only be done in the PES. The inclusion of all real stages of the league and the Bundesliga alongside the already present in the Premier edition 2015, It would be another pumps the new FIFA which will gradually know more official details. moment, eagerly await the next installment due out in a few months.

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