The failure of Spain is not only sports

The failure of Spain is not only sports
The end of a generation. The defeat of Spain against Chile.

The World Cup in Brazil is over 2014 for the Spanish team. The Spanish team, reigning champion until next time 13 of July, has abandoned the World Cup at the first change. Something that has certainly been as surprising as it was unexpected. We could talk about Del Bosque's choice of players who have already given their highest level and who were not in a position to play such a tournament, of the already discussed cycle change. But nevertheless, we want to tell the other side of the failure that has caused the prompt elimination of Spain in Brazil, the economic.

In a country with high unemployment rates and an economy almost caught with tweezers, the world Cup, It was presented as a golden occasion not only for modest hospitality venues but also for those who wanted to increase their turnover with the sale of flags., scarves, caps and other marketing products related to the Spanish team. The bars of practically all of Spain, they had gathered in the hope that the Spanish team, repeat the successes of the past 6 years playing all the finals except the Confederations Cup 2009.

Although the matches in Spain were open, crowd of Spanish fans gathered in bars to watch the game of Spain with his group of friends. Definitely, the early Spanish elimination, has lost the interest of many Spaniards in World Cup matches and by extension, go to the bar to watch the game. The disaster is even greater if we talk about large commercial extensions whose marketing strategy was almost linked to the success of Del Bosque's players..

But without a doubt the biggest failure has been for the television platforms in charge of giving the matches in Spain. With ambitious advertising techniques, sale of all kinds of products related to the Del Bosque team and a strong commitment to World Cup television rights, definitely, the elimination of Spain, will seriously affect television audiences and the corresponding benefits. Definitely, hard hit at all levels.

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