Madrid Levante receives Mourinho has never scored in the Ciutat

The Ciutat de Valencia hosts tonight a match between two rivals who are millions of kilometers away in history and budget but today not so much in the qualifying table. And it is that the Levante of JIM, It has stopped being a surprise or a coincidence to become a reality with impeccable numbers and is only three points away from the targets.

With a budget on the role of the lowest in the category, the granota team has become a solid team, competitive and able to beat anyone, as demonstrated last season and continues to demonstrate this, with a successful career in the League and in the Europa League.

Por el otro lado, a giant of world football, one of the biggest, Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid. The Madrid of “Mou”, the season did not start on the right foot, reaching a deficit of eight points with Barcelona, what weighs heavily on Mourinho's team, that he cannot lose another point if he wants to opt to be League champion.

The Ciutat de Valencia does not seem the best field to achieve it. In three visits since the Portuguese coach Real Madrid, the white team has not managed to score a goal in the granota fiefdom, reaping two defeats and a zero draw.

Last season, the whites fell by a goal to zero, Scored by Ivorian Aruna Kone. Sure his successor, the Nigerian Obafemi Martins, one of the sensations of the League, will want to follow the path of its predecessor and the Ciutat de Valencia, to wait for Mou's nails, keep seeing his cartwheels. Ballesteros will once again be the bastion of the granotas and he hopes to win another sprint like the one he beat Ronaldo last season in a video that went around the world.

At 21:30, en Valencia, in the City of Valencia, the lawn will dictate justice,between two teams separated by only three points in the leaderboard and by many millions of budget. As data that says a lot about granotas, the last team to win at the Ciutat de Valencia was Guardiola's Barcelona and a controversial penalty. It was last season and since then all the teams that have passed through the Ciutat, except Atlético de Madrid that reaped a draw, they have bitten the dust in the granota temple, including Europeans, with the leader of the Eurodivise, the Twente, incluido.

Alberto Llopis

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