Malaga walks against Anderlecht with a resounding 0-3 and two goals from Eliseu

Málaga is the leader of group C of the Champions League, with goals of authentic luxury. Six goals for and zero against. It is solo first and clearly featured, with two points of advantage over Milan and with levels of football much higher than those of Anderlecht and Zenit. Isco led the malaguista victory; Iturra justified his signing; Joaquín remains in top form and Saviola is still a dagger, although tonight his goals were not necessary. The effectiveness was put by Eliseu with two goals: one with a volley from the front and another with magical vaseline against the huge Proto. Pellegrini was right by changing the band to Portuguese. In between, Joaquín had scored a penalty. Three goals away from home in a field with European tradition. This team is serious.

Malaga used the first 15 minutes to get situated. To become aware that he was in the Constant Vanden Stock in Brussels playing against Anderlecht on the second day of the Champions League, where are the best teams in Europe. It was Isco who reminded his teammates, with walls, with its mobility, with his inner passes and with his personality. Soon Joaquin and, later, Saviola. Malaga got plugged into the game and handcuffed Biglia in the first half, Kanu and company. Demichelis reigned in defense and dried Mbokani; Camacho and Iturra took over the center of the field and those at the top began to do what they do best: play football.

Joaquín and Isco warned, but the Proto meta always got in the way. Then, Saviola tried after a masterful play of strategy programmed by Pellegrini, although in the end he lacked luck. The break was close and the goal did not come. But in the last minute of the first part, Eliseu appeared to break the net from the front at the exit of a corner. It's the perfect volley, by direction and power. Proto's face testifies to this. The goal did justice to Málaga at halftime, because Pellegrini's team was giving a soccer lesson. And then completed it.

In the second part Van den Brom tried to readjust his equipment but there was no way. Málaga was a whirlwind launched by Isco. Cazorla's departure in summer was a blow to Málaga's aspirations, but in the short term it has allowed the definitive irruption of the Malaga midfielder, that he feels more like a leader than ever and that he has the gift of seeing football as the chosen ones. The match was his, from Iturra and from all over Malaga.

At the beginning of the second part, the Hungarian Victor Kassai stopped Joaquín when he was already planted in front of Proto. The referee pointed out of the game that it was not. But he did succeed later in the demolition of Kouyaté on Monreal: penalty and goal by Joaquín, that does not fail. Málaga had the game in their pocket but continued to enjoy the rhythm of Isco. What a player! Shortly after 0-2, the great playmaker yielded to Eliseu, That this time he changed the register and opted for subtlety to beat the best Anderlecht player tonight with a perfect Vaseline, goalkeeper proto.

Pellegrini took advantage of the marker to rest Saviola, Joaquín and Isco. They left Santa Cruz, Duda and Seba and lowered the rhythm of the game. The Belgian team gave up before the protest of its people and recognized the superiority of a Malaga that has no limits. It has two exhibitions in the Champions League and now all of Malaga awaits Milan, which is already his next European goal after erasing Anderlecht from the scene.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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