The new record-breaking FC Deportivo Xerez: 4000 partners in regional category

The new record-breaking FC Deportivo Xerez: 4000 partners in regional category

Xerez CD played in the season 2009/10 First Division after winning the championship the year before Second. He did for the first and only time in its history. The team made an awful first round of the championship, while in January and looked down. Thanks to a second round of higher level and the arrival of Argentine Gorosito the bench azulón, Xerez CD was about to keep the category, down in the last minute.

Three years later, The club plays in the Third Division after falling two categories of stroke, one for sporting reasons and another for unpaid. Forecasts and the situation point to an imminent demise of the club, after 66 years of history.

Xerez CD
Xerez CD is in a critical situation, the verge of disappearance.

Faced with such a dramatic situation, Xerez fans and people linked to the club, they decided to start again. Thus he was born the Xerez Deportivo FC, parallel to Xerez CD. curiously, both were born under the same person. Don Sixto Street 96 year old, He presided over the foundation of the new club as he did in 1947 with CD Xerez.

The new Xerez, He has had to start from the bottom, several categories where it competes less than Xerez CD, the new club has started its journey in the Regional Second, in the lower echelon of amateur football. This is where comes the curious. Deportivo Xerez new has achieved the 4000 partners while Xerez CD has just 100, militating in Third Division, well above the Second Regional Category.

Such is the situation, that the city of Jerez, has decided to send the Xerez CD to play a field on the outskirts of the city while the Second Regional team, He has held Chapin Stadium, capable 20.000 viewers. Illustrious former team players as Dani PENDIN jerezano, They have decided to pick from boots to help the club lawn growth. Coach, Carlos Orué, It is also an old acquaintance of the fans.

Dani Pendin one of the illustrious Xerez Deportivo FC
Dani PENDIN, illustrious former Xerez CD player has been involved in the new project Xerez CD.

Andalusian Regional for the second is also an important incentive. With ten teams usually championships, demands have tripled over the possibility of playing in a Chapín with thousands of people and the possibility of making box with the visit of the new Xerez, that would drag those thousands of fans flock fields where normally only family.

To give you an idea of ​​the situation, last 11 of September, the new Deportivo Xerez FC debut in a friendly match against Xerez Football, City team also. The game was played before 6000 Chapin viewers. in Getafe, in First Division match, They were counted 8000, although the feeling is they had far fewer in the deserted stadium bleachers Madrid.

Xerez Deportivo FC
The first friendly match Deportivo Xerez FC met 6000 viewers.

But the fact brightener of the situation was that while in Chapin 6000 spectators cheered the new set of Second Regional in a friendly, Xerez CD, club to which those same fans cheered until recently, He is playing a round of Copa del Rey against few fans, the few who are still supporting her lifelong Xerez. What if the Xerez CD playing in the Copa del Rey against a large?, Will they return followers?. It will certainly be an interesting case to follow as the new Deportivo Xerez that seems to have returned the illusion to a city, from the below of this sport. Real football.

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