Real Madrid thrashed Ajax 4-1

Madrid could achieve a result and at times insulting looked up at the clock. The intensity is what made her bipolar. The first half was theirs and liked. Modric pulled the hat with two key passes to Cristiano and Callejon improve their numbers in the competition. One already is top scorer and the other, with double signed at the end, It has established itself as the perfect substitute. The second half he used to sentence and, due to both relax, to aerate a somewhat chaotic version mosqueo the respectable. It is difficult to digest how a team can change so much so fast. rotations, injury Coentrao, adjustment in gasoline defense and several meritorious might be some of the reasons most close at hand.

In response to the output feelings, Madrid seemed to play more than prestige. When was your opponent actually the only one who could validate the points for a prize. The Europa League was at stake and if not vanished was for another favor Manchester City. Mourinho's team came out strong. With the same seriousness with which he faced the derby. It seemed an extension. The third time. Benzema soon saw how he nullified a goal fairly. Coentrao crashed shortly after ball to wood; just before being replaced by caution. his discomfort, Marcelo low, They are as worrisome as a break. The insistence allowed the goals will soon arrive. One in 13 'and second 28'. After, Christian missing, Khedira from distance and were sentenced Modric volley before the break. Ajax was a bourgeois equipment, no weapon but a touch of philosophy. With so little mordant, Carvalho until he was left over at that time.

This domain can rescue the good response of alternate. Modric shined. I brought London. So he signed him. But, apparently, He had it Reloading. Till the date, He had shown what a good player he is. But nevertheless, It had also raised questions for governing parties, have weight and, especially, show decisive. This time, Ajax before a soft and gentle, He was claimed from the position mediocentro. Two of his passes drawn with square and bevel served for the match Madrid encarrilara. Benzema thanked the first of its shipments to enable Cristiano. In a second, Accuracy alley slip toughened to control and beat Vermeer hungry.

In the second half it was expected to be carried away Madrid. The result inviting and the League requires focus. But no. Boot surprised us. Then came the Wall. Kaka wanted his moment of glory. Just what it took to win the first ball between the lines and face a defense plasticine. Brazil could happen, trim or test. And it proved. His left foot shot was merely a caress thread which came so close to the club and the squad. The 3-0 He spurred Ajax looking for shame bullfighter and allowed Madrid to walk more than necessary. Why he leveled the match. To the point that Ajax scored and dreamed intimidate the Madrid. On the play of cars, in the minute 60, Adam came from fists to try to cut a lob pass in the direction of Hoesen. his breakthrough, as bad, He ended with a clearance without gas. the rebound, a gift for Boerrigter, It ended up being the 3-1.

Mou began to get angry. And he finished cursing as Ajax fretted more and more, and white intensity decayed by the bushel. The Portuguese looked to the bench and found José Rodríguez to bring to the team lacked desire. Ien mature child. The attack and defense pressed not understood. Ajax had three chances to get into the game. Adam was raging between the pleasure of his defense and the anger of their leader for wanting to wear a bracelet that is still loose. The cold gripped the Bernabeu so incoordination and only regained his European air inlet Morata. The squad had only ten minutes to prove his worth. Le overran several of them. In a great start from the right wing got rid of his rivals they are sufficient and gave Alley a center for the Grenadian return calm head. A mood as expensive as spotty at madridismo.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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