Spain or Brazil: the party of the century, Who is better?

Spain or Brazil: the party of the century, Who is better?

Brazil and Spain are measured on Sunday for the first time in the new millennium. They do having seen the faces five times, with three wins from South American, a draw and a distant Spanish victory at the World Cup 34. Cardeñosa, Michel ghost goal, Leonidas, Zamora, Many sounding names to memory every time these two teams jump to the same football field. Maracana will host. The best golf in the world to receive the two best teams in the world. In Hanged For Football, We analyze who is better considering various facets:

Eleven of Brazil is a luxury.
Eleven of Brazil is a luxury.

Starting XI:

– Julius Caesar / Casillas. There is no doubt that here there is no color. Spain has the best goalkeepers in the world triplet and who knows if history. Julius Caesar lives on his final journey, although it seems that in recent times has taken its flight. In the semifinals he saved a penalty Forlan, but still much Casillas Casillas.

– Dani Alves / Arbeloa. Brazil is one of the best offensive side of the world. Fast, long stroke. Spanish is more defensive, with better skills to stop bombers. However, reality dictates that in this section wins Brazil.

– Gerard Piqué-David Luiz. Two central grandísimos, media also. They go well above, They take the ball excellently and have the capacity to score goals. More offensive than defensive, Maybe that's the great inconvenience of two of the four best plants in the world. Tie.

– Sergio Ramos / Thiago Silva. We said two of the four, because these two complete poker best plants in the world. Quick cut, spectacular in the marking, physical portents arriving to finish the opposite area. It would be fair to say tie, the problem is that Ramos is the best center in the world today.

– Jordi Alba / Marcelo. Injury this season was a step back Marcelo, reecontrar who are looking their best. Level if you have Alba. Both are similar. Fast and very arrival, only the Spanish is in better shape. Two defenses scorers.

– Sergio Busquets / Paulinho. Busquets is irreplaceable in office, simply the best on the planet. Perfect in the first touch, hold, hides the ball like nobody. And above all, not ever lose. It is forearmed. In this section Spain is slightly higher.

– Xavi Hernandez / Oscar. We arrived at big words. Brazil can not compare in midfield with Spain. Neither Brazil nor anyone. Xavi is the director of the orchestra, which plays and play. In short, in long, changes the pace how and when you want. Oscar has more arrival, but not worth to unseat Xavi.

Iniesta / Luiz Gustavo. Speechless, one is a genius, the other a football currante.

Cesc/Hulk. Comparing the two is a sacrilege. One's arrival, subtlety, combination. The other force, power and speed. What no one, it has the other and vice versa. Tie.

Neymar / Pedro. A genius against a goalscorer. Talent, show, creative and somewhat lacking capacity goal. That is the description of Neymar. Pedro brings something else: and top speed race. opposites, share quickly to unseat defenders. for youth, Neymar may be higher.

Fred Torres /. Torres is considered one of the best attackers in the world. Has race and auction. Fred is more creative, more technical, but to a 9 is asked Torres goal and even if spurts, Fred usually better fulfill this facet.

Spain-Brazil, the party of the century.
Spain-Brazil, the party of the century.


Brazil: 5 World Cups, 8 Copas America, 3 Confederations Cups, no Olympic gold.

Spain: 1 world, 3 European Championships and an Olympic gold.


Spain must impose its tempo. Touch and continuously held ball players. Brazil will wait crouched waiting for a dangerous against. Del Bosque must have arrival, because the domain alone is not enough for them. The Scolari should set good defense and getting used to defend without the ball, something not usually do with most rivals.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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