Are we witnessing the worst Brazilian history?

Are we witnessing the worst Brazilian history?

Brazil won the World Cup debut, but he did offer a poor game and sad, with little depth and balls as hanging and torn from Neymar main weapons. A 3-1 deceptive came in part by the collaboration of the Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura who drew midway through the second half on a penalty nonexistent Fred.

Playing at home and with a multimillion team, The debate clearly opens: Brazil really needs this aid or that we are facing one of the worst in history Canarinhas? maybe, the best answer is ambiguous. Brazil has played all World to date and has always had outstanding players. This time, outstanding outstanding, just one Neymar. You could say that the South Americans are a good team but away from other versions bright and far thinking about being a serious candidate but median home by collegiate.

Lack of team play of the 82, the magic of Pele, Garrincha, Romario, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. Line by line, you could even say it's worse than usual. Goalkeeper Julio Cesar is a veteran and has a habit of not giving its best with the selection where nerves seem to play him tricks.

Brazil all work: Croatia every talent. The world upside down.
Brazil all work: Croatia every talent. The world upside down.

The center of the field is uncreative and not given to construction. Without Djalminha, Ronaldinho Rivaldo, Brazil lacks a talented playmaker and able to outflank. Oscar is a good player, but a star. Of the 9 It is better to say nothing. Brazil played without center forward and that is a danger of death. maybe, defense is the best line of the starting lineup. Central Thiago Silva and David Luiz are the best in the world and long-haul side, While defensive problems.

Brazil press, Brazil is a team but perhaps we are facing the worst version of the canarinha image and likeness of what happened in South Africa where the Netherlands were eliminated in the quarterfinals with more pain than glory.

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