Five of the best center forwards in history

Five of the best center forwards in history

Who are the best center forwards in history? Surely this question have made many football fans. The goal is soccer sauce and so, in Colgados we propose to five players at our discretion, are five of the best center forwards in history.

Eye, Front talk centers, of the 9 classic life, not of those who have scored most goals in history, that what we discussed in another article. Also we affirm that they are the five best ever, but five of the best ever.


We talk about Ronaldo Nazario, the original, no Christian. Which it is possibly the best striker in history. Power stroke, perfect definition, quality, tops of all colors and goal, long shot. View Ronaldo play was always a show, especially when it was 100%. After, even very old-kilos, He remained the best. In an era where there was more level now, he was the top scorer. Possibly if you were active and at its best, today would mark many more goals than Messi and Cristiano, because the level has dropped and much.

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Gabriel Omar Batistuta

Batigol is holding the honor of being the top scorer in the history of Argentina selection, a whole merit in a team where they have played Kempes, Maradona and Messi among others. During his time, He was one of the best center forwards in the world, where he puts the eye, put the shot. Powerful and always with the goal between the eyes, Argentine smashed the Italian Calcio networks for several years but curiously never played in the Premier League or the Spanish, the strongest leagues of the time.

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Batistuta is the top scorer in the history of Argentina
Batistuta is the top scorer in the history of Argentina.

Gerard Muller

The “torpedo” He had for forty years the record for goals in a calendar year until Leo Messi snatched. German striker, It was the benchmark of one of the most powerful teams, effective and harsh history. Surrounded by great players, the “torpedo” Muller, It was the one who put the lace. Demolishing and physically very strong despite not being very big, espectaculeres got some numbers even for times today.

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Torpedo Muller, a goalscorer legend.
Torpedo Muller, a goalscorer legend.


The “pantera de Mozambique” It was the top scorer in Portugal until recently, when it was surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo. The historical Eusebio, It was, It is and will always be a football legend. During the decade of the 60's football dazzled by its verticality, accuracy and goleadora. A mixture of all in one,which he made him one of the greatest footballers in history. Fast and powerful, physical excelled at a time that the plot was not yet very polished. He was a contemporary of Pele, and one of the few who could overshadow.

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Eusebio and Pele, two legends that coincided in time.
Eusebio and Pele, two legends that coincided in time.

Mario Kempes

The “matador” He lived its heyday during the late 70's and early 80's. With a spectacular snatch, a prodigious stride and an ability to finish demolishing, Mario Kempes, It was possibly one of the best strikers of his time. He lived his glory days with the shirt of Valencia and with your selection, Argentina, which he led to win their first goals in the World 1978, although the World was and has been suspected in time. He did what he had to do and was given better, destroy the rival goals.

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The & quot; killer" Mario Kempes.
The “matador” Mario Kempes.
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