Getafe 0 Levante 1: Michel decides with a real goal

Getafe and Levante faced each other on the day 8 of the BBVA League. They did it very close to the European area, in an empty and soulless Coliseum Alfonso Pérez as always ( attendance at that stadium as always is low). There were many familiar faces, Luis García ex coach frog, Xavi Torres and Pedro León faced the team of JIM and Pedro Ríos who arrived in Getafe at the hands of the incombustible and unbreakable Sergio Ballesteros, that after overcoming a nephritic colic this week, led the granotas ranks.

The first part of the game did not present many chances, to encourage the few fans who showed up in the stands of the Coliseum, on a cold and rainy morning over the city of Madrid. Barkero was left alone against Moyá in a very clear one-on-one play that was going to fail, although it was annulled for offside.

the same barker, He was going to invent a shot from outside the area that Moya was going to take on the squad, making a great save. That was going to end the offensive appearance of JIM's team in the first part, with his star, striker Obafemi Martins very neglected.

Getafe with a couple of plays from Pedro León, the best of Getafe and a shot from Gavilán that was going to stop Munua. It came to the end of the first part with control of the ball by Getafe but with nothing more to report.

The second part, started the same, with Getafe's control of the ball and Levante waiting behind crouching to try to catch Getafe on the counter. halfway through the second part, between the minute 20 y 25 of this period, Take it down, He had to work hard to stop up to three dangerous plays from a Getafe, that based on several set pieces from the hand of Pedro León they put Levante in trouble.

In the minute 28, Moyá made a providential intervention shot by Pedro Ríos, to avoid the goal of the granotas. The game continued to pass without much history, slow and boring, between two teams that know each other very well, almost infected by the cold atmosphere of the Madrid stadium.

They faced the last ten minutes with a zero draw and everything to be decided, Diop was going to try for Levante, sending the ball to the buildings behind the stadium. Ballesteros, the indestructible captain of Levante would see the fifth yellow card that will make him miss the next League commitment of the granotas.

In the minute 41, the surprise was about to arrive, Michel, from outside the area he was going to score the goal of the day. shot from 40 meters that was going to catch Moyá who was ahead. Michel's great goal for Levante at the end of the game, causing the parade of the few Getafe fans who had come to the Coliseum.

Getafe in the last minutes turned against Munua's goal, even going up to finish off the Getafe goalkeeper a corner, creating an opportunity for Levante, what reuben, the granota youth squad was going to forgive. End of the game and victory for Levante, which is provisionally in fifth position in the table.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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