Guarros of more players in football history

Guarros of more players in football history
De Jong Chuck Norris himself emulated in the World Cup final 2010. It was neither the first nor the last tackle from Dutch.
La Liga Española

Hanged for football he wants to bring the toughest guys in football history. Players who collect actions entusiasmarían lovers Chuck Norris movies, Jean Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone o Jason Statham. Types that make good phrase: "Football is a sport of gentlemen played by hooligans”.

Pasquale Bruno

The Italian came to accumulate in 16 year career, 50 match ban for as graphic as the photo entries. Photo: Bholvip

Marco Materazzi

Marco Materazzi became famous for giving anything but candy. an authentic “part leg” Photo: Bholnet

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones, It was a really tough guy on the lawn. He played defensive midfielder where he patented a very peculiar style of play, where his maxim was that if passed the ball, no man passed. He finished in film making villain. Photo:

Pablo Alfaro

Dr. as they called it was a classic game Subway. The Spanish, It was a calm guy off the field but dangerous on grass. It has distributed more fuel during his career a timber factory. Surprising that often come out with virtual impunity. One of the players most guarros history. PHOTO: AS

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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  1. The incredible thing about this is that these players are more protected than players who are assaulted by themselves ,These players use all kinds of tricks to intimidate and as the arbiters is not penalized because when they enter aggressively .
    Guilt is the regulation there 5 arbitrosy none sees nothing ? I do not believe it and you will see how people play with just enough tecnologiaesta .

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