Herbert Chapman: The revolutionary football

Herbert Chapman: The revolutionary football

Before Wunderteam, of the fantastic Magyars and Clockwork Orange, Arsenal was Chapman. the first great revolution of football. The beautiful game before Chapman was much like the schoolyard, where all they are attacking and defending, although Chapman came to play football professionally their contribution to the footballing world is derived from the lime out, as manager of Arsenal (1925 – 1933) where he introduced the T numbers (He is the pioneer in sports history) to give order to the first major strategy in the world kicks: The WM mythical.

Chapman's arrival at Arsenal agreed with the changes in the offside law. The WM that emerged in response to the introduction of this rule 1925. With the establishment of this standard, the need to strengthen the defense is obvious, Chapman leading to the midfield delay, to accompany the zagueros. Another own characteristic style game developed by Chapman was leaving a space behind the opposing defense that could be exploited by a counterattack through long passes and the element of surprise.

He introduced the use of physiotherapists and masseurs in sports teams. He had the need to discuss tactics and strategies with players becoming even patronizing, but always demanding professionalism on and off the court. Another of his most significant influences was the organization and tactical preparation prior to the game.

He led the "gunners" for 8 years managing to transform a mediocre team into one of the strongest of the English league titles achieving the first set getting their first English league (1930-1931, 1932-1933 Y 1933-1934); las Community Shield (1930, 1931 Y 1933) and the FA Cup in 1930.

Herbert Chapman's Arsenal pioneered
Herbert Chapman's Arsenal pioneered

In addition, other innovative aspects attributed to artificial lighting how to play games with little light or white ball to give more visibility.
After his success with Arsenal fell into a pneumonia 1934 that would lead to the death 6 January of that year, However his great career led him to be one of the legendary coaches in football history.

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