“Imagine if Carlos Vela liked football”

“Imagine if Carlos Vela liked football”
As we sail in this article does not really like football.

They are not few voices who say that Carlos Vela is the best player in Mexico. Very young, the striker was standing out in lower echelons of Mexican soccer to the very young to be signed by Arsenal. After several assignments as he lived the extinct Salamanca, Celta Vigo and Osasuna, Mexico ended up taking root in San Sebastian to play Real Sociedad. But nevertheless, despite his talent, has always weighed on him fame does not like football. Something that his coach has confirmed in its juvenile stage, Jesus Ramirez.

"It's a cheerful guy, simple, a little reserved, does not love the lights, It is different from others. What he wanted, I could. I saw that, many things he intended, the obtained "Ramirez explained in an interview. Whether Vela is the best Mexican soccer player, Ramirez explained that "If we talk about technique and conditions, I think so. Without underestimating any of those out there, Herrera, Tecatito, I think in terms of capacity, and, It is above others ".

But nevertheless, Ramirez confirmed his words what the Vela himself has never hidden. "She loves basketball, If you like football, maybe I get into something I should not, but I do not know if he is so passionate for football, he knows that he does well and develops, but I'll stick with that doubt, If you are passionate about football or not, Imagine if he was passionate, "he said in the interview. This same issue discussed in this article.

But Carlos Vela is not the only player who does not love football and he sees it as a job more. These players also love football, It is more one does not even like. Look at the list of players who hate football.

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