Injuries on the soccer field

Injuries on the soccer field

Soccer is the most practiced sport throughout the entire planet. travel where you travel, surely you will find a corner where a group of people have fun around a ball. However, like any discipline that requires physical activity and there is also contact between its participants, there may be certain risks to be aware of. We are no longer just talking about serious injuries, but from wounds.

Inside a soccer field, especially if they are made of synthetic material such as artificial grass, various setbacks arise such as chafing, Burns, cortes, etc., to which you should pay great attention.

Then, and based on the advice of BotiquinSans dressings, We are going to talk about the importance of this type of wounds and how to treat them.

Injuries on the soccer field

Why do you have to treat a wound well??

The main function of the skin is to protect our body against external agents.. That is why every time we suffer a mishap that alters it, like a cut or burn, the skin loses much of its protective capacity, leaving a free way for microbes to enter that can cause different infections.

So, This circumstance makes healing the wound essential.. further, treating it correctly will help the healing and recovery process of the skin to be much faster.

Also note that any poorly treated wound can be the beginning of a much larger problem..

Dressings and their usefulness

When treating any injury sustained on the field of play, dressings will become your best ally, since they protect the skin, they absorb the residues and flows that the wound itself can expel and significantly accelerate the healing process.

Nowadays, we find many types of dressings that are used to treat different wounds.

On the one hand, we have hydrocolloid dressings, used for burns, chafing, ulcers…, and are suitable for all skin types. Hydrogel dressings are also highly recommended when a wound is losing moisture or to heal wounds that may have a tendency to become infected.. Then we have alginate dressings, that will be of great help in those deeper wounds or that require greater external protection.

Apart from these, There are many other types of dressings available to us such as cloth and gauze dressings or antimicrobial dressings.

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