The Euro 2020 in several European cities

UEFA president, Michael Platini, He reiterated Monday his idea of ​​organizing Euro 2020 in several European cities since, thus, many countries which would “very expensive” celebrate the championship on their own, They could host some matches. Nevertheless, the leader of the UEFA assured that the project will only go ahead if all associate members are in favor of the plan. French said, right now, They were waiting for an answer on the proposal, which raised, for the first time, upon completion last European Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

Platini's idea is that matches are played in twelve or thirteen countries with a permanent seat for the final stages. “If the idea is appealing to them, go into details to see how we can organize ”Euro” in several European cities, but only from 2020″, Gallo announced at the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in St. Petersburg. The proposal will be debated by it the Executive Committee of the governing body of European football in December and the final decision will be announced early next year.

Turkey is one of the countries that has expressed its desire to host the championship alone, but his candidacy would be rejected if Istanbul is finally chosen as the venue for the Olympic Games the same year. Besides, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have expressed interest in organizing the final.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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