The police lied in the Hillsborough disaster

An independent report found that British police altered evidence from the Hillsborough tragedy investigation to try to blame fans for the human avalanche in which they died. 96 Liverpool fans in 1989. After knowing the content of the document, prepared from official data declassified last year, the british prime minister, David cameron, apologized to the House of Commons for the “double injustice” who have suffered, in your opinion, relatives of the deceased.

The 'premier’ apologized both for the security flaws that prevented the disaster from being avoided and for the attempts to hide them by the police, what modified “significantly” 164 statements and removed other 116 in which their work was called into question. “The police altered the evidence about what happened and tried to put the blame on the fans”, noted Cameron, which highlighted two other flaws highlighted in the document: the inability of the authorities to protect fans and the “doubtful” original forensic report.

During the Cup semifinal between the 'reds’ and the Nottingham Forest of the 15 April 1989, 94 people died from suffocation or cardiac arrest, crushed against the fences in the west stand of the Sheffield Wednesday stadium, in central england, and two others died in the days after. The first report of the forensic judge determined that the victims suffered a traumatic asphyxia that left them unconscious in a few seconds, to die minutes later, so it was concluded that at 15.15 hours that afternoon the fate of the deceased could not have changed.
The postmortem analyzes that have been studied again to prepare the report, but nevertheless, reveal that 28 of the people who died had no circulatory obstructions and that 31 had symptoms that the heart and lungs continued to function after the avalanche. These evidences indicate, according to the report, that these individuals could have suffered a “asfixia reversible”, contrary to what was determined in the investigation into the tragedy that concluded in 1990.

The new data points, also, because security in Hillsborough was precarious “at all levels”, and that the deficiencies in the stadium were “well known” by the authorities: a year earlier there had been another avalanche in the same stands, but no adequate measures were taken to prevent it from happening again. Field capacity had been significantly overestimated, the fences of the stands did not meet safety standards and the rescue device functioned with a lack of coordination, According to the document.
Despite these evidences, the authorities tried to attribute the tragedy to the behavior of the fans, to the point that the police searched his computer files for data that obscured the “reputation of the deceased”, according to the report, quoted by the British Prime Minister. “In my opinion, It is obvious that the new evidence reveals vital questions that must be examined. The prosecution will now be the one to decide whether to appeal to the Superior Court to annul the original investigation and carry out a new one.”, Cameron stated.

Julio Muñoz

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