Larissa Riquelme, the Paraguayan international

Larissa Riquelme, the Paraguayan international

In our muse of the week, Hanged for football is looking to Paraguay and Larissa Riquelme. And it is that few girls have represented both a country doing as little as the great Larissa. A small state, modesto, but owes much to this young 28 years, an icon of celebritie “soccerette”.

model able to win various beauty contests like Miss Tourism, his rise to fame at national level would in 2005 through its participation in various realitys the country. This fact was not lost on the big brands they saw in their measures 95-60-105 (So you have to improve Larissa), a great reef to gain notoriety.

Although if at national level was the TV which gave prominence, at international level it would be an event that would blow him universal fame: the World Cup 2010 where she was elected Queen of the World or girlfriend World, as you wish. His daring models, impressive necklines or that way to keep the phone in place so peculiar opened the gates of glory and she reached. He stated that if his team getting undress reach semifinals, something that did but that was not an excuse to finally see it as God brought the world.

Larissa is a real beauty.
Larissa is a real beauty.

Brunette with dark eyes and beautiful, was very beautiful cover almost half the world and one of the stars of Dancing for a Dream, the dance gala Paraguay's view. They say it is an excellent companion, your best virtue is what a good person is, but it is clear that apart from that, There is an intangible that makes it special. an intangible, or perhaps a tangible. See the photos, and they comprise:

Photos and beauty aside part, What is clear is that it is no exaggeration to say that Larissa Riquelme Paraguay is the most famous woman in the world. And that's merit is yours.

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