Spurts greatest victories in history

Spurts greatest victories in history

Real Madrid are facing a tremendous challenge in this last part of the year 2014. Since last October, when he succumbed consecutively to Real Sociedad and Atlético de Madrid, he has been chaining victory after victory without ceasing.. After twenty triumphs, there are many who seek to know where and who holds the record for consecutive matches winning. We review them:

1. Sparta of Prague (1920-1923). The Czech team linked nothing more and nothing less than a whopping 51 matches in a row winning. They were different times, another football and it is true that the Czech league did not even have the official status of today. But the record is there. Possibly, unattainable for the rest. So strong and powerful was the team that they called it the Sparta Prague.

2- Ajax (1971-72). The team led by Johan Cruyff won 26 matches followed early in the years 70. 19 of them in league offering a renewed image, modern and full of speed. There was talent, wit and huge arrival. The mobility of the footballers was the key to an Ajax that practiced what was called total football.

3- Curitiba (2011). The streak of 24 consecutive victories was achieved by Coritiba between the 3 February (won 5-0 al Iraty) and the 5 May 2011 (won 6-0 al Palmeiras) in matches of the Paraná regional championship and the Brazil Cup. Impressive record for a team playing in a country where soccer is more than just a religion.

Ajax linked 26 victories in a row with El Flaco commanding operations.
Ajax linked 26 victories in a row with El Flaco commanding operations.

as we see, the Sparta of Prague appears on a very distant horizon, but Curitiba and Ajax can be achievable targets. Via, the january slope, with Atlético twice, Valencia, and who knows if also Barcelona.

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