Lavezzi and its relationship with the Mafia

Ezequiel Lavezzi had to travel to Italy, where he was questioned by the prosecutor Sergio Amato on what is the relationship he had with Antonio Lo Russo, son of former chief of Clan Lo Russo, Salvatore, and Marco Iorio, another of the accused, while he is playing for Napoli.

The Paris Saint Germain striker said he did not know the professions of the accused, but Antonio Lo Russo identified when shown a photograph of him in a match at the San Paolo Stadium. "I knew him as one of the Napoli fans; sometimes even he came to my house. I did not find anything strange because also in Argentina it is common for players dealing with fans”, he stated.

Likewise, Lavezzi was questioned about his relationship with Marco Iorio, and he had to justify the presence of some personal items in the home of Neapolitan entrepreneur. "When I had to play in another city, for security cuestions, Iorio he would leave some valuables, like watches ".

The Russo clan were the godparents of a clan of the Sicilian Mafia, They are acting through extortion and intimidation. Antonio Lo Russo is the only repentant. The case is extrafutbolístico, but nevertheless, the prosecution wanted to hear Ezequiel Lavezzi through the bond he had with people from the Camorra.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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