most loyal players to the club

most loyal players to the club

Hanged for football they want to present the most loyal players to their club, those exceptional men who have spent all or most of his career at the same club. Professional football does not understand romance. Usually the players change frequently shirt, under money and sporting opportunities you can offer them another club.

If the other day we presented them to the players who more times had changed teams, Today we bring you the opposite, the most loyal players, the last romantics of the sport.

1-Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini is a legend milanista. He debuted in 1984 with the team jersey “rossoneri” and he retired in 2009. In total he played for twenty five years, always on the same computer. It shattered all records and was the eternal captain, a reference inside and outside the field for his teammates and fans. To read more click Paolo Maldini here

2-Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs will fulfill his season number twenty-four in the ranks of Manchester United. It will do after renewing recently. Despite being already forty years, Welsh is still one of the best in his team. He has lost speed but his talent remains undisputed. He made his debut in the season 1990/91 and since then continues wearing the colors of the United, his only shirt during his long career.

Ryan Giggs is the record man Manchester United
Ryan Giggs is the record man Manchester United

3-Rogerio Ceni

Brazilian goalkeeper notable for two things: his goalscoring goalkeeper easy to play and for being a loyal player to his club. Already in the select club of the forties, Ceni accumulates twenty consecutive seasons with the same shirt, Sao Paulo of Brazil's.

4-Paul Scholes

He was known as the Wizard of Old Trafford or the Colorado, by that her cheeks were always red hot. So was Paul Scholes, a footballer 19 May 2013 He decided to end a long career that led him to be 20 years competing at the highest level in its entire life: el Manchester United. He debuted in 1993 and he retired in 2013 after wearing the same shirt throughout his career. If you want to know more about Paul Scholes click here

5-Francesco Totti

The Roma captain is a legend for his followers. When they presented in the Olympic Stadium in Rome, all the fans in unison repeats his name, He puts the willies to live that moment live. I had the opportunity to do so in 2008. That devotion has been won on and off the field. Many goals and played for remembrance, records and twenty seasons with the shirt of Roma. He debuted in 1993 and recently stated that 2014 It could be his last season in Rome. Anyway always be “the captain and the only captain”.

"il capitano e l´ unico capitano"
“the captain and the only captain”

6-Javier Zanetti

Argentina is the oldest player of Inter Milan. The Inter captain has a whopping eighteen wearing the same shirt. He debuted in 1995 and is still wearing the elastic Milanese giant. He is currently seriously injured nearly forty years but is determined to return and continue to accumulate games and seasons leading the Nerazzurri ranks.

7-Jamie Carragher

The 19 May 2013 Jimmy Carragher it will not easily forget. That day, one of the most long-lived plants in the long history of Liverpool ended his career. He debuted in 1996 and he ended his career 19 May 2013 after seventeen seasons faithful to Liverpool. A hero at Anfield Road. To read more of Jamie Carragher click here

Jamie Carragher, the hero of Anfield Road tier
Jamie Carragher, the hero of Anfield Road tier

8-Steven Gerrard

The eternal companion of difficulties linked to Carragher Liverpool continue to 2015. The great English midfielder is arguably the best player in the history of Liverpool and it is nearby. He debuted in 1997 and promises to continue making war. Way of his seventeenth season at Liverpool.

9-Raúl González

Seven is the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid. It swelled to score goals during the fifteen seasons he played for the white club. He made his debut in the season 1994/95 and he went on 2010 perhaps by the back door. He went to Schalke 04 German where in two years he was recognized more than the Madrid and now goes by the Arab countries goleando halfheartedly. If you want to read more than seven click here

10-Xavi Hernandez

Xavi is the best midfielder in the world, of Spain and its history. So is the Barcelona club he has been playing in the first team over fifteen years. He debuted in 1998 and continues to give master classes with high school football. Talent and fidelity equally. It just married his girlfriend and if he is just as true of what is to Barcelona, his new wife may be quiet.

Xavi always faithful to the Barcelona shirt
Xavi always faithful to the Barcelona shirt
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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  1. Embarrassing julen not this warrior who was linked to Athletic Club Bilbao.
    Given deals barcelona, Real Madrid, Lazio….
    Almost all players have played you put on top teams of champions is so much easy to be faithful…

  2. Alessandro Del Piero , Patxi Punal , Carles Puyol, Antonio Di Natale,Jhon Terry , Raul Tamudo..

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