Marika Hiss, sexiest sports journalist

Marika Hiss, sexiest sports journalist

Marika Fruscio is talk about talk show, of lust and unholy thoughts (“In the best sense of the word”) that any man can have. born journalist 1979, this host of the mythical space Diretta Stadio Italian Rai became internationally known for a mishap that happened to him in the middle of your program.

An output of one of her breasts in half the space turned the world into a voluminous neckline that never left indifferent to any of its viewers. Uncover a television that led him to fame, as well as her relationship with Pippo Inzaghi the, which made them both confirmed as one of the most explosive and trendy couples from all over Italy.

Morena de ojos oscuros y con un cuerpo realmente escultural, Fruscio nunca ha tenido reparos en mostrar las bondades de su cuerpo. Lo hizo en el Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010 donde “ayudó” a su selección con un streaptease y lo volvió a hacer en 2011 con la presentación de un calendario propio donde iba muy ligerita de ropa.


Marika Fruscio, una mujer de armas tomar






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