Best Panamanian soccer players

Best Panamanian soccer players
Who are the best soccer players in the history of Panama? PHOTO:

Panamanian soccer is one of those that has grown the most in recent decades, The competitiveness and equality of its leagues and the quality of some of its players have put this country on the map for the world of football.. Although Panama is not considered a superpower in soccer, Thanks to its best players, Panamanian soccer has become much more recognized and visible.. Panama's soccer competitions are beginning to be increasingly attractive, being promoted on sports pages how it is possible to see through the betcha promo code a place to enjoy sports in a more exciting way.

There are many great players that Panama has produced and that has helped Panamanian football grow in quality and competitiveness.. Below we show some of the best Panamanian players in the history of soccer.

Julio Cesar Dely Valdes

There is no doubt for anyone that to start with the best Panamanian soccer players, the great forward Dely Valdés must be named. A scorer like few there have been in Panamanian soccer, He began his career at the Atlético Colón club in Panama and also at Deportivo Paraguayo.. But where he began to show that he was a star was at the Nacional de Montevideo where he scored. 100 goals knocking on the door of the major European leagues. First stop in Italy at Cagliari where he scored 20 goals, this job took him to the French PSG where he spent a couple of years. From there he already went to the great Spanish league militating in Oviedo scoring 39 goals and then go to Málaga and score 38 goals. A marvel in the areas, being one of the best Panamanian forwards that has ever existed.

Luis Carlos “Matador” Tejada

Matador Tejada is the top scorer for the Panamanian team, one of his great milestones as a player, achieving 43 goals in 108 parties. He has been a football globetrotter scoring goals in teams from six different countries. He participated in the edition of the Gold Cup that led Panama to the final against the United States. He played in the World Cup in Russia and the Copa América of the year 2016.

Gabriel “Gavilán” Gómez

Another of the great names of Panamanian soccer. He is the player who has worn the national team jersey the most times with a total of 147., Conquering it, he won the Central American Cup and participating in the World Cup in Russia.. He began to stand out in Colombian football, specifically in Independiente de Santa Fe., and then move on to the Portuguese league, a trip to Cyprus and return to the Colombian league to play for different teams.: Equity, Deportes Tolima and Atlético Bucaramanga.

Blas “Mouse” Pérez

Another of the great references of Panamanian football. In 18 years of career he played in 18 teams of 9 different countries, among others, Spain, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, of the MLS in the United States. Equaled with Tejeda as the top scorer of the national team.

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