Miquel Soler, a whole globetrotter of Spanish football

Miquel Soler, a whole globetrotter of Spanish football
Miquel Soler was a globetrotter who went through the best teams in LaLiga. PHOTOMONTAGE: Colgados

Talk about Miquel Soler is to talk about one of those footballers with a long professional career, decades, with presence in large teams but nevertheless, It was a modest player profile. tireless side, accumulator of minutes and kilometers throughout years and years of career, despite not having a huge sign or be a spectacular footballer, He was always a set where he played. In Colgados we review the history of this globetrotter of Spanish football.

Miquel Soler, the footballer who played in all the greats of Spanish football

Born in 1965, Miquel Soler He debuted in 1983 with the Espanyol and he retired in 2003 in the ranks of Mallorca. In between he played in L'Hospitalet, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Real Madrid and Zaragoza. Twenty seasons in the elite in which he played 504 games in the top flight of Spanish football. Two decades in which the band see him run, it was a classic especially because He wore up to seven different shirts in the First Division.

During his career he won two league titles, three Copa del Rey, two Super Cups in Spain, a Recopa, one European Super Cup, a track record nothing wrong. He also became international with Spain in 9 occasions and even went to the European Championship 1988. It is a level of data, one of the greats of the League in seasons historical and games. He accumulated 38848 minutes, almost nothing. Also he marked 12 goals although his position as a left-back did not allow him to have many goalscoring joys.

further, is one of the few players who played in all the greats of Spanish football. He retired in style at Mallorca, winning the last title that the Balearic club won in that Historic King's Cup That played Mallorca and Recreativo de Huelva in Elche.

I jump to the benches and later to the microphones as a commentator

After his retirement, the roadrunner bands of Spanish football decided to go across the line to lead. A) Yes, Mallorca signed him for the first team in the summer of 2014 and he dismissed a few weeks to give the baton to Valeri Karpin who was dismissed in January 2015 to rehire our protagonist after having thrown a few months earlier. Subsequently, he has also been seen in his facet as a sports commentator. And is that Miquel Soler, It is undoubtedly a classic of Spanish football in all aspects.

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