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Pique: “When I saw Luis Enrique bleeding, I knew I wanted to play with Spain”

Pique: “When I saw Luis Enrique bleeding, I knew I wanted to play with Spain”
Pique, As to the Luis Enrique, It has already had to bleed the Spanish selection (Photo: Sports world)

In an interview with 'The Players Tribune', FC Barcelona defender and international with Spain, Gerard Piqué, He confessed that he feels very proud to wear Red. further, the Catalan player, He explained the moment when he learned that his greatest desire was to play with the selection: “When I saw Luis Enrique bleeding in the match against Italy at the World Cup 94, then I realized I wanted to wear the shirt of Spain”.

Catalan footballer says he feels very comfortable with his political thoughts and that at no time has said he will not feel proud to wear the shirt of Spain: “On television in Madrid they will say that I am a traitor and want to destroy my country. The only thing I defend is the right to 7.5 million Catalans vote peacefully. I never said I would vote not pretend to be political or influence anyone”.

By last, Contrary to what many people might think, FC Barcelona center said: “The happiest moment of my life was winning the World 2010 with Spain, but this has nothing to do with feeling Catalan. If this bothers someone is your problem, I am very calm”.

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