Players who hate football

Players who hate football
Carlos Vela is one of those professionals who is not exactly passionate about football. PHOTO:

Even if it looks like a lie, exist players who hate football. Like many people in life, perhaps too much, go to work is an ordeal. Millions of people work on what they can and not what they want and oddly enough given the characteristics of football and footballers, there are players who really only see football as a job, not as a passion. Not boast the works saying what you like and do no work life.

These are some of the players who hate football

Assou-Ekotto: the Franco-Cameroonian footballer is not that I hate football but acknowledged in an interview that is not his passion, it is simply your job. A job that paid well if.

David Batty: Central English 90, He played more than 400 English football matches between Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers y Newcastle United. It was also a classic of English selection. But nevertheless, He said in an interview that football was boring and did not understand how someone paid a ticket to watch a football match. He also went on to say that he had not seen a game since his retirement in 2004.

Stephen Ireland: Irish is a talented player but with a special character. He came to escape from a concentration with your selection claiming that his grandmother had died when all he wanted was to visit his girlfriend. That character has also led him to recognize that football does not like a lot and tight people. But tickets are the tickets.

Carlos candle: Mexico is a talented player yet, It is famous for his statement about how he feels about football, a job as another, that if, very well paid. “Between a good game and a good movie, I was with the film” He went on to state.

Gabriel Omar Batistusta: It is possibly the best “9” Argentina's history and one of the best in football history. But nevertheless, He came to recognize that he does not like football, it was just a job for him. A job that certainly was good at. I preferred to play polo.

Christian Vieri: the Italian was an elite scorer he broke into the Atletico Madrid 24 goals in 24 matches. But the truth is that the good Vieri, He dreamed of becoming a professional cricket. “I dreamed of becoming sometime in the next Allan Border ", He confessed in an interview referring to was best cricketer in the world at that time.

Bobby Zamora: This former English-born striker 1981 and an extensive tour of the islands football came to recognize that: "I'm not a big fan of football. I do not see the matches at night and many people find it strange”. Another one of those footballers who hate football.

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