Players who were in the quarry of Real Madrid and can not remember

Players who were in the quarry of Real Madrid and can not remember
A young Parejo in the branch of Real Madrid 2008. Photo:
La Liga Española

Real Madrid's youth academy, also known as “Factory”, He has given countless players especially the Spanish football. And is that not everyone can or have been able to succeed in such a demanding set as the target, In fact there are few examples in recent times where the checkbook and postín players have been imposed on the quarry.

Players who were in the Real Madrid academy and maybe you don't remember

Dani Parejo

It was one of the biggest promises of the White House and even became a favorite of the same Di Stéfano. But I had to move to QPR and Getafe in search of minutes and then to Valencia where his football has always aroused mixed feelings. Idol for some, demon to others.

players who were in the quarry of Real Madrid
Dani Parejo with the shirt of Real Madrid in a match with Castilla in 2008. PHOTO: As

Juanmi Callejón

Everyone knows José Callejón and its passage by Real Madrid where he was the man number 12 José Mourinho. But nevertheless his twin Juanmi does not know everyone, at least in Spain, because in Bolivia, particularly in La Paz, he was an idol for Bolivar fans. Juanmi and Joseph, They played together in the quarry of Real Madrid but then their paths divided and dispersed throughout the world.

players who played in the youth ranks at Real Madrid
The Alley brothers in their time in the quarry of Real Madrid. Photo: Real Madrid

David Barral

All a globetrotter football, few remember that emerged from Real Madrid Castilla. Best known for its passage through the Sporting and the Levante, also he played in the Ordusor turkish, the Al-Dafra, Granada, Apoel Nicosia with which he played the Europa League, at Cádiz, in Japanese football and in the Madrid International DUX. It belonged to the discipline of Real Madrid since 2002 a 2006, with an assignment in between the Fuenlabrada, getting a promotion with Castilla to second.

players who went through the youth ranks at Real Madrid
David Barral in his time as Real Madrid Castilla. Photo: Brand


Many remember him T where he played Deportivo 236 matches and scored 50 official goals. Also passing through the Granada and the Getafe where he arrived from Real Madrid Castilla where he spent two years but his career, begins at 2000 Real Madrid C Third.

players who played in the youth ranks at Real Madrid
Riki with the shirt of Real Madrid at the beginning of the XXI century. Photo: Macario Muñoz/As

Carlos Aranda

It is the Spanish player who more times have changed teams in the league, specific 9 times. It was in the Castilla y but failed to debut in league with the Real Madrid, If he did in the Champions against the Norwegian Molde in November 1999. After played in: Villarreal (2002-2003), Albacete (2003-2004), Sevilla (2004-2005), Numancia (2008-2009), Osasuna (2009-2011), Levante (2011-2012), Real Zaragoza (2011-2013) and Granada (2012-2014).

Aranda beside Ivan Campo one of the two games he played in the Champions League with the first team Real Madrid. Photo: Brand

Rodrigo Moreno

After many years playing in Valencia, Rodrigo Moreno made a name for himself in Spanish football. International absolute Spanish, before that he had been in all categories in addition to playing several seasons in the Portuguese Benfica and in the English Leeds. However also it comes from the white quarry where it was several years before jumping to Portuguese football.

players who were in the quarry of Real Madrid
Rodrigo Moreno in training with Real Madrid Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. PHOTO: Brand

Filipe Luis

Before passing through the Deportivo Coruna and become a classic Atletico Madrid, Filipe Luis took a step quarry where the white team was playing for Real Madrid Castilla.

Filipe Luis, one of those players who passed through the quarry Real Madrid
Filipe Luis Alvaro Arbeloa in a party of Castile. PHOTO: Brand
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