Footballers who were kidnapped

Footballers who were kidnapped
Alan Pulido was kidnapped and released like Chuck Norris. PHOTO: Brand

We tell you the case of some players who were kidnapped ever. Football players often become media stars. For youth, fitness and their fortunes, often become the target of fans and people who want to get into their circle tighter.

But nevertheless, in some countries where unfortunately these actions are very common, also become the object of kidnapping where his captors seeking to leverage all that we listed earlier to earn good money with them. In other occurred decades, advertising or political-social situation led some players to live this terrible situation.

If you have some players who were kidnapped

Alfredo Di Stéfano: saeta blonde and hurried his last years race when Real Madrid came to Caracas, Venezuela. There, was kidnapped soccer star at that time enjoyed widespread popularity worldwide.

He was kidnapped 24 August 1963 by the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) of Venezuela and held for more than 70 hours but Di Stefano himself acknowledged that he was treated well. It was placed near the embassy of Spain in freedom and as revealed years later, this armed group just wanted advertising, something that certainly got.

Di Stéfano's kidnapping was one of the worst moments of his life.
Di Stéfano's kidnapping was one of the worst moments of his life.

Enrique Castro “Quini”: the sorcerer as they called Quini (1949-2018) also suffered a kidnapping in the troubled Spain of the early 80. The 1 March 1981, Barcelona won 6-0 Hercules with two goals of Quini own. On leaving the stadium and when on his way home, It was intercepted by individuals, got into a van and taken to Zaragoza where he was kidnapped 25 days.

In an era of social problems, terrorism and marked just a few days after the attempted coup of 23-F, He feared the worst. Finally it was discovered that his captors were not a professional issue but three unemployed people who decided to kidnap the battering ram to try to alleviate their problems. Nothing more and nothing less than asking 350 million old pesetas. They were arrested.

players who were kidnapped
Quini, Asturian striker, He lived anxious moments when he was kidnapped while playing at Barca. PHOTO: BRAND

Rubén Omar Romano: Argentina coach headed for Cruz Azul Mexican Year 2005. The 19 July that year, after finishing a workout with the cement equipment and leave the club, It was intercepted, reduced and abducted by an armed band he kept retained for 65 days until released by police.

Estrada Andrés Morillo: Colombia's Atletico Nacional played when he was kidnapped off a religious ceremony in the year 2000 in his country by forces of the National Liberation Army. He spent two days until finally retained was released.

Roger Martinez: the 14 October 2015 while he is playing on loan for Aldosivi, He was kidnapped in Buenos Aires area with his representative. They appeared healthy den Avellaneda hours later and although they had saved up his shorts stolen.

Alan Pulido: the Mexican striker was on vacation after winning the Greek league with Olympiakos in Tamaulipas, Mexico area dreadfully affected by kidnappings and crime when he was intercepted at the exit of a party by gunmen at dawn 28 al 29 May 2016. After 24 hours kidnapped, the player himself managed to call the Mexican police and be released.

On the kidnapping of Mexican forward many theories emerged. Some speak of “mounting” the same and others that own Pulido, as if it were himself Chuck Norris, He had disarmed his captors, bludgeoned to shock and self released.

players who were kidnapped
Pulido was released although the accounts of his abduction are unclear. One speaks of the player blows his captors freed. PHOTO: Brand
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